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Discount always works: Offers are therefore an optimal conversion driver and are ideal for all types of content. You can add them to existing content to give it an additional push or to prepare your action separately.

There are four types of offers and promotions on Amazon:

  • Today’s Deals: runtime 24 hours or while stocks last
  • Lightning Deals: duration max. six hours or while stocks last
  • Promotions: individual terms
  • Vouchers: individual terms, must be activated before use

You can find an overview of our promotions and deals here. Our outlet with remaining stock has offers here. On this page you will find all today’s deals, lightning deals and promotions. There is also an overview of all available vouchers. Vouchers can have a different durations and must be activated before using. This activation can be done in two ways:

Directly in the Voucher overview:


On the product detail page



We recommend that you include vouchers in your content to increase the conversion rate. Vouchersare usually available for longer than a deal or a promotion. Explain to your audience exactly how they can redeem the voucher, so there are fewer negative customer experiences.

Content Ideas

Deals can be used in a variety of ways: creating specific content on deal events, such as Prime Day, or adding current deals to existing content or product recommendations to increase conversion rates. The integration of a countdown to the end of the deal, a strike price, and the percentage discount all have a positive effect on the conversion. Remove the deal once it has expired, or add a note (for example “The offer has expired.”) We recommend that you do not take existing content about deal events or product recommendations offline, as they will remain relevant to search engines.Products will also be purchased when the deal has expired. Further ideas:

  • Feature deal events with live presentation of deals and regular updates on a separate landing page (e.g., “The Best Black Friday Offers – Updated Hourly”)
  • Update existing content if discounts are available for individual products.


Deals require speed, as they are often only available for a few hours. Although this means a little more effort, but the reflection in better sales is worthwhile.

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