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To successfully create commercial content, the right choice of topics and products is critical. Navigate through the categories for a successful product search. offers many exciting landing pages with best sellers, new release,s or content for inspiration. You can use these sites to link to your content or to create your articles. These landing pages can save you a lot of time in product selection, with pages for various product areas (e.g., digital camera) and subject areas (e.g., portable devices). Here you will find an overview page with relevant pages and all electronics products.

On this page you will find an overview of electronics sub categories, available promotions, lightning deals, Best Sellers, referrals, Top-rated ProductsMost-wished productsMost-gifted ProductsHot New Releases, and Products Up to £20.

Best Sellers

An overview of our most popular electronics products based on orders can be found here. These are updated every hour, and give you the information about which products are currently selling well. There may be several reasons why a product is currently listed as a best seller: The product can be a perennial favorite, seasonality fluctuations, be particularly popular, or bought because of a reduced price reinforced. If a product just went up on a best seller offer, it’s not necessarily ideal for creating evergreen content. In the navigation on the left side, you can view the best sellers at subcategory level. Best sellers can be used to select products for your items and to identify current trends.



In addition to the best sellers, there are other options to identify trends and to monetise them successfully through quickly created content.


Movers & Shakers: Our biggest sales winners during the last 24 hours. Updated hourly.

Most Wished: Our products most often added to wish lists and wedding lists. Updated daily.

Hot New Releases: Our best-selling new and upcoming releases. Updated hourly.

How to use

  • Content on best sellers from various categories (for example, “The Best SLR Cameras,” “The Three Best Smartphones Under $ 300,” “The Best Beamer for a Home Theater”)
  • Content on current trends and new releases (such as “The Latest Smart TVs,” “This camera is just going through the ceiling on Amazon”)
  • Use for product selection to make product recommendations (such as “Test Navigation Systems”) and evergreen content (For example, “These Bluetooth headphones are perfect for jogging”)


An overview of our special electronic deals can be found here. The site is divided into actions (current, upcoming, expired) and special deals. There are also smartphone dealsKindle & Fire OutletAmazon renewed, TV & home theater deals and electronics coupons. Vouchers can have different durations and must be activated before use. Activation can be done in two ways:

1) Directly in the electronics coupon overview:


2) On the product detail page:



We recommend that you include coupons in your articles, as they significantly increase the conversion and are usually available for longer than an offer or an action. Explain to your users in detail how they can redeem the coupons to avoid a negative customer experience.

Warehouse Deals

These are greatly reduced deals of returned and checked goods with all the benefits of including customer service, returns, and the free Amazon Prime premium shipping. Our Warehouse Deals can be added to existing articles if there are available Warehouse Deal promotional products. The particularly favorable price, with usually only very small defects, has a positive effect on the conversion. In addition, specific content about the Warehouse Deals can be created (for example, “The Best Warehouse Deals of the Week”).

Amazon Renewed

Here you will find refurbished products at an unbeatable price. Our qualified manufacturers ensure that the items offered by Amazon Renewed are new in appearance and functionality. There is a limited one-year Amazon Renewed Warranty. Bargain hunters are just right here!

Amazon devices

The Amazon family has grown fast over the last few years and has a variety of Amazon devices: Amazon Echo, Amazon Fire TV, Fire tablets and Kindle eReader. Alexa is the voice service behind Echo Dot, Echo Plus, Echo Spot, Echo Show, and other Alexa devices. Alexa is very easy to operate – just ask, and Alexa answers. Alexa is automatically updated through the cloud, constantly learning, and getting new features and skills. Here are some ways to simplify your life with Alexa.

Echo & Alexa: play music, smart home control, retrieve information and much more – just by voice.

Fire TV – Now with Alexa: Streaming tens of thousands of episodes and movies on Netflix, Amazon Video, ProSieben, Live TV, and more.

Fire Tablets: Powerful tablets designed for entertainment – at a low price.

Kindle e-Reader: The best-selling eReader in the world. Space for thousands of ebooks without mirror effects.

Ring & Blink: Home Security from Amazon. Wireless surveillance camera system for indoor and outdoor use.


We recommend that you only use the landing pages for product research and always link to a product detail page (such as Echo Show 5), These convert better and directly generate qualified sales. When linking to a category page or landing page and a purchase is made, it counts as an indirect qualified purchase and a lower commission is paid. All information on directly and indirectly qualified purchases can be found here