Tips & tricks: Best Sellers

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Best sellers are – as the name implies – our best-selling products. They are updated hourly here.

There can be several reasons why a product is listed as a best seller. It may always be a popular product, a seasonal trend, or popularity increased because of a reduced price.

Caution: If a product has become a best seller simply because of a short-term offer, this is not necessarily suitable for creating evergreen content.

In addition, in the navigation on the left side, you have the option of dividing the best sellers into specific categories. It pays to include best sellers in your content because conversions and revenue are many times higher than for regular products.


Here are some ideas for best selling content:

  • Product comparison of best sellers from a subcategory (for example, “The Best Baby Phones”)
  • Content from best sellers in one category (e.g., “The Most Beautiful Garments for Fall”)
  • Content of best sellers from various categories (e.g., “The Coolest Birthday Gifts for Adults”)
  • Amazon best seller content (e.g., “The Most Popular Products Under £30 on”)
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