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More conversion and revenue - The best tips and tricks for Amazon product research and best practices for efficient revenue optimisation

In the Tips & Tricks section, you will find an overview of helpful landing pages on, which can save you a lot of time for product research on Are you looking for best sellers, new trends, or the best products from individual categories like sports, fashion, or toys? Here you can find links to all important pages at a glance. Additionally, we offer tips on how to choose the right products and what content they are suitable for, including examples of good-performing articles. Tips & Tricks will help you minimize the effort of product research, increase the conversion of your articles, and monetise your content successfully over the long term.

At Amazon, there are basically three key categories where you can figure out a product with good performance and conversion potential: Deals, Trends, and Best Sellers. Keep in mind these general tips before you get started.

Product recommendations - product selection

Your recommendation or rating should initially match the customer reviews on Amazon. If you rate a product as "Very Good" and recommend it to your visitors, but this product has mostly bad customer reviews on, your recommendation may feel unreliable to your audience and the conversion rate may be suffering. In addition, pay attention to the availability of the products in the product selection. If your product recommendation is successful, but the selected products are sold out, no revenue can be generated and the content you have created is not profitable.


We recommend that you are going to choose products that are Prime-eligible, as they experience a much better conversion. All Prime-eligible items are marked with the Prime logo on the product page and during the ordering process. All Prime benefits can be found here.

Monthly payment

How to buy on account with the Amazon Monthly payment: With the monthly statement, customers can pay all orders of a month by bank transfer until the middle of next month. Create a detailed article on monthly payment, and explain the benefits to your users. Refer to your content on the monthly statement by linking to the detailed explanation. Buying on account is an important topic in the field of electronics and should be included in any case.

Warehouse Deals

These are reduced offers of returned and checked goods with all the benefits of including customer service, return authorization, and free Amazon Prime premium shipping. Our Warehouse Deals can be added to existing content if promoted products are available as a Warehouse Deal. The particularly favorable price - with usually only very small defects - has a mostly positive effect on the conversion. In addition, specific content about the Warehouse Deals can also be created (for example, "The Best Warehouse Deals of the Week").

Note: We recommend that you only use the landing pages for product research and always link to a product detail page (such as Echo Show 5). These convert better and directly generate qualified sales. When linking to a category page or landing page and a purchase is made, it counts as an indirect qualified purchase and a lower commission is paid. All information on directly and indirectly qualified purchases can be found here.

How do I find suitable products?

Amazon offers well over 200 million products. Do you sometimes find yourself confronted with the question of how to find suitable products for your affiliate content? Tips & Tricks will tell you step by step how to choose deals, trends, and best sellers on Amazon. You can also conveniently click through 11 product categories and our specials, all of which provide useful information and numerous links to your topic. Youll search specifically for suitable products, and save time. Explore the category buttons to find more topical information. Have fun.

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