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Amazon has a ton of articles on babies with strong reasoning: Just in the first year, young parents need a basic understanding of product and equipment, so that their newborn feels comfortable, and their own insecurities find balance. On this page you will find an overview of the baby subcategories, available promotions, Lightning Deals, Best Sellers, referrals, Top-rated ProductsMost-wished Products , Most-gifted ProductsHot New Releases and Products up to £20.

Best Sellers

Best sellers are an absolute must have for your affiliate content. Best sellers most often lead to conversions and generate the most revenue. We encourage you to check out the best sellers for babies before you start writing your article. In addition, in the navigation on the left side, you have the option of dividing the best sellers into even finer categories, here marked yellow for you.



It is best to go through the categories Movers & ShakersMost Wished productsHot New Releases to find current trend articles. These baby trends can also inspire you.


  • Content to best sellers from different categories (for example, “The Best Baby Phones”)
  • Content on current trends and new releases (for example, “The Most Beautiful Baby Outfits for the Summer,” “The Latest Trends for the Nursery”)
  • Use for product selection to make product recommendations (e.g., “10 Diaper Bags in Test”) and evergreen content (e.g., “Baby Essentials”) 


An overview of our baby deals can be found here. Baby coupons can have different durations and must be activated before use. Activation can be done in two ways:

1) Right in the baby coupon overview:


2) On the product detail page:


Note: We recommend that you only use the landing pages for product research and always link to a product detail page (such as Echo Show 5), as these convert better and generate qualified sales directly. When linking to a category page or landing page and a purchase is made, it counts as an indirectly qualified sale and a lower commission is paid. All information on directly and indirectly qualified sales can be found here.

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