How to Start a Fashion Blog

The impact your fashion blog has on the world doesn’t have to stop at just fabulous jeans and the must-have bags for the season. You have the ability to inspire an audience, influence how they shop and how people view themselves—healthy body images, self-worth, and of course, personal style.

Plus, you encourage them to bring creativity to their every day. But getting started can be a daunting task loaded with “what ifs” and self-doubt. Fear not, new fashion blogger! Try these starter tips to make your blog journey a more seamless, amazing adventure.

What’s your Focus?

Passion is key to your blog. What about fashion do you really enjoy? What about it makes you happy? Finding a niche is critical in building an authentic audience who will stand by you as you grow. Want to focus on ethically-sourced designers and environmentally-friendly finds? If that’s your bag (no pun intended), make sure you’re living that life! Also, if that IS how you shop, source and shape your own closet, don’t stop there. Keep doing your research.

There’s always more to learn, more to discover and more to share with your audience even if you feel like you are “in the know.” Your authenticity will shine if you act as both student and teacher bringing your brand of fashion sense and savvy to your audience. Bring your heart and integrity to whatever your niche, staying focused—on your focus!

The Name Game

If you really want to stand out and create a brand (and not just a blog), you’re going to need your own domain name. Catchy is key, but it’s important it also says what it is—finding

You’ll need a blog hosting service too. While there are free hosting services (Blogger, WordPress.COM, Tumblr, etc), they are more suited for the stage of blogging where maybe you just want to give it a try—which, perhaps, you have already done. A paid version (WordPress.ORG, Drupal, Squarespace Weebly,etc.) will give you some important advantages, particularly if you’re in this for the long haul. You’ll want to be able to have a bit more control.

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Maybe “coding” isn’t your middle name just yet, but you’ll want the flexibility of your own hosting service once your business grows a bit and you want to redesign even small elements. A biggie, in terms of traffic, is that Google gives more weight and exposure to a blog with its own domain name. So if you are ready for your blog to come up in search a lot higher, a free site is probably not the way to go.

Ask for Help

Know a good graphic designer? Have them take a look. Writer or editor friends or colleagues that could lend some insight? Their feedback is not only useful, they know what looks good and sounds good, and know YOU in a way that strangers do not. They will give a more personal approach to making sure you’re being true to yourself online, and not a copycat or caricature of what you think you’re supposed to be. Look to friends though that you’re sure would give you honest feedback. If you think it’s a bit biased, that’s where your bigger network is critical.

Network Like a Pro…

…and by this we don’t just mean your LinkedIn (although that’s always useful for any business/brand too). It’s all about being social—literally and figuratively—in the fashion blogging game. Get to know other bloggers in the industry. Follow them. Share their content. Interact with them in comments, tweets, Instagram, etc. You’ll learn some tricks to the trade, but also likely gain some followers on your own.

Your audience IS your built-in network, and the more they become familiar with your social usernames and brand, the more they will talk about you, reference you and share your work. Get ready for growth! As you see your traffic and followings rise, keep at it. Your audience is your greatest gift to both keep growing, but

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