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5 Travel Tips For Influencers to Inspire Your Followers

Martin Trauzold
Martin Trauzold
Last updated June 14, 2019 5 Min Read
5 Travel Tips For Influencers to Inspire Your Followers

© Ahmed Satti / Pexels

Fancy upping your game when it comes to travel content? Whilst it’s tempting to label yourself a ‘travel influencer’ in the hopes that it’ll bag you a free holiday, it’s important to remember that there’s more to the industry.

Any posts need to be useful, add value and ideally inspire your audience to explore somewhere new. There’s also no point in leaving everything to chance if you want to make the most out of a trip.

You need to be ready to hit the ground running when you land and find a balance between work and enjoying the moment.

Here are a few ways to use your time efficiently on personal trips, whether it’s a 48 hour jaunt or a two week break.

Plan, plan, plan

Start off your research by browsing Pinterest to see what other influencers have written about the destination.

It’s useful to see what’s out there in terms of information plus it gives you a chance to improve on what’s out there. For example, is there little written about getting from the airport to the centre of Valencia? Make a note to include it in your posts.


Use travel articles to fill in any factual gaps and search Instagram hashtags to find potential photoshoot locations. Plot any key areas into Google Maps and use this as a starting point. You can even look at Street View if you’re really particular.

Make an itinerary

Now you have an idea of where to head, it’s time to create a schedule. This can be useful if you’ve planned a trip with a few other influencers and it also helps keep everyone on track. Google Sheets is perfect for this, as itineraries can be easily shared and updated across devices.


Start off by including important information like the hotel address and flight details, before listing out an hourly breakdown for the entire trip.

Perhaps the hotel will only let you check in at 3pm? Factor any travel time and complications into your day as it will help you realise exactly how much time you have for content creation. If photoshoots are a priority, then research times for sunrise and sunset.

One tip is to schedule a walking tour on the first day, as this helps you get your bearings and gather any extra recommendations from a local guide.

Have a packing list

No one wants to get to the airport and realise that they’ve left their super-specific charger at home. A packing list is so useful for most holiday scenarios, especially if you’re prone to packing in a rush. Create a section for your equipment, which may include adapters, chargers, lenses, memory cards and cases.

For even more organisational points, keep travel-specific items in pouches and store them in your case. Prepare one that’s designed to stay with you on-the-go, including safety pins, spare batteries and a portable charger.

Take ALL the notes

There’s nothing worse than getting home and completely forgetting the name of the pizza place with generous portion sizes. It’s so much easier to keep a bit of a rough diary whilst everything’s fresh in your mind.

It could be a case of snapping business cards when you spot an interesting shop or using a Notes app that syncs with your devices. Jot down any prices too, if budget-friendly travel is a niche you want to explore.

Life Cycle is a great app that tracks everywhere you visit. and it’s particularly useful on trips as you may forget locations or how long you spent at a particular place.


Keep an open mind

Remember the balance we talked about earlier? Some of the best travel stories are the one we don’t expect and whilst it’s nice to be prepared, you may stumble across an amazing gallery or make some unexpected friends.

Keep your schedule flexible if it looks like a fun opportunity could come up (as long as it’s not within hours of your flight). Any of these experiences could give your content the edge and encourage your followers to visit.