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Does Your Blog Have a Mission Statement? It Should

Martin Trauzold
Martin Trauzold
Last updated October 20, 2017 4 Min Read
Does Your Blog Have a Mission Statement? It Should

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You may think only big brands are in need of a mission statement to stay focused, on message and assure brand consistency. Not true. Fashion bloggers who wants to grow their brand (that’s you!) will benefit from an editorial mission statement to keep focused on your goals.

It’s not something you even outwardly need to share—it’s for you (or anyone that delivers content for you) to help guide your voice and content. Ultimately, it should keep your audience tuned in and growing along with you.

A smart mission is anchored by a promise

A mission statement for a blog is anchored with intentions for your brand, your business and anyone who works for it. If you’re the only one blogging, tweeting and Snapchatting, it’s valuable to create one and stick to it. Each time you blog, tweet, go live on Facebook, etc., your voice, intention and your brand goals should be evident and consistent.

This consistency will make your blog stronger and outwardly more trustworthy to an audience. Having an established, written mission behind the scenes will help you adhere to that consistency. Build that trust!

To write your mission statement and make it a part of your blogging standards, ask yourself the following:Who is my site for?

  • Who is my site for?
  • What is my blog’s purpose and the intention for its space in the world?
  • In what core ways will my content encourage, motivate and inspire my audience?

Forbes breaks down a mission statement process even more simply: “What do we do? How do we do it? Whom do we do it for? And…what value are we bringing?”

The last question—value—is so important to your blog’s long-term success. You want your audience to feel like it’s in a safe zone for straightforward, honest fashion talk and advice. You also want each piece of content—from a simple tweet to a lengthy, image-rich post—to be on message.

Always. Building audience requires people to feel a unique camaraderie with your expertise, community, and everyone attached to your blog and brand. Always being true to your audience and staying on message is essential for trust.


Visitors to your blog should quickly no longer feel like visitors, but at home! Mission statements should promise authentic, and thoughtful content delivered with intention. If you’re delivering on your basic statement promises, your blog will experience consistent and organic growth.

What Is Your Blog…NOT?

Another great way to shape your blog’s mission is to point out what you are not and refuse to be—this acts a reminder for your voice, tone and content themes as to what to avoid at all costs.

An example could be:

  • We are not judgmental
  • We are not snarky or condescending
  • We will not make you feel bad about your appearance
  • We do not shame people into self improvement
  • We are not unattainable, cliché or gimmicky
  • We don’t expect all women to all want the same look or have the same fashion goals

Just like with anything in life, if you know who you are (and are not), you’re going to live a more authentic, fulfilling life. Same is true with your fashion blog’s life!

Stay true to who you are/what it is, check in with your mission statement periodically, and people will want continue to be a part of your community. Happy blogging!

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