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Brush up your knowledge: The top 23 fashion brands every blogger should know

Martin Trauzold
Martin Trauzold
Last updated November 18, 2019 10 Min Read
Brush up your knowledge: The top 23 fashion brands every blogger should know

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Whether you’re looking to focus on high street brands or independent labels – or even just looking for inspiration in general – it’s vital to familiarise yourself with the design market.

In order to convince your readers of your knowledge and the value of your advice, there are a few brands that you can’t miss when blogging about fashion.

To help you get started, here is a who’s who of fashion brands that every content creator should know.

Newcomers with a name: Independent fashion brands to remember

It’s always worth knowing the key names in independent fashion, as these brands often become popular within a short time. Presenting yourself as ahead of the curve is an effective way of proving your fashion mettle and these brands are great examples of what to look out for in future fashion trends, from sustainable materials to socially-conscious production methods.

1. Phaedra


With a name stemming from Greek mythology, this Norwich label is about as independent as it can get. Run by one female director, this brand takes inspiration from the countryside and natural tones of rural England. The silhouettes continue the theme of simplicity with uncomplicated lines and cuts

2. Isabel Knowles


Featuring organic cotton and dreamy colours, Devon-based Isabel Knowles creates feminine yet classic pieces. Her label is growing quickly in popularity so she is definitely one to watch.

3. Bug Clothing


Originally from East London, this brand has been an effective advocate for sustainability in style. By using dead-stock natural fabrics, head designer Amy Ward is an example to follow for smarter fashion.



Linen and Tencel are two of the most comfortable and sustainable fabrics available. As the foundation materials for RAGTRADE’s simple and elegant collections, they have also put Sammi Bennet and the Brighton label on the map.



As the production of denim consumes incredible amounts of water, E.L.V Denim is the way to enjoy denim guilt-free. Vintage denim and repurposed materials are combined to create new pieces so that your next pair of jeans are not only environmentally-friendly but also entirely unique.



The refined pieces from Miss Crofton look and feel like lingerie from another era, but are actually handmade from sustainable materials in a London studio. Employing small-scale production methods and new cutting techniques, this up-and-coming label ensures minimum waste with maximum style.



Continuing the trend of working with deadstock materials, Neoss London features sustainable neoprene and corduroy. In addition to its function as an independent label, the team behind Neoss also manages the independent design platform, in NEOSS.



This label started small but is now stocked in stores like Selfridges. With the ethos of ensuring clothes have as minimal impact on the earth as possible, ELLISS works with ethically sourced hemp and bamboo-based fabrics.

Staying street smart with the top street fashion brands

Although there is a clear overlap with independent labels, streetwear fashion usually includes more established brands that are successful yet retain their edgy origins. Getting to know what is in style on both the runways and the streets is key to understanding fashion and blogging on the topic.

1. Alma de Ace


Uniting street style with minimalism, this UK-based is famous for sourcing high-quality yet sustainable materials from Portugal. Founded by Sebastian Agace, Alma de Ace literally translates to soul of unity and represents two divergent forces combining to create something unique.

2. Ronning


Launched in 2018, this streetwear brand from Magnus Ronning has already made an impact on street fashion. Clear Scandinavian influence is clear in the label’s cool tones and clean lines. Ronning is off to a running start with the current collections already sold out in the pre-order stage.

3. REMIX by ATIKA London


As the home to one of London’s biggest vintage stores, ATIKA has a well-proven reputation for sourcing interesting yet stylish pieces. Their own in-house label, REMIX, underscores this further by producing high-quality and sustainably reworked fashion.

4. Lazy Oaf


Growing from a small stall at a street market, Lazy Oaf has made bold prints and eccentric outlines a key feature of London street fashion. The label is now a well-established international streetwear brand and has over 250 stockists worldwide.

5. A-Cold-Wall*


With a focus on androgynous silhouettes and high quality pieces, this brand combines the edge of streetwear with the luxury of haute couture. A-Cold-Wall* is the perfect choice for anyone looking for classic pieces with an avant-garde edge.

6. B-Side By Walé


As one of the UK’s most well-known streetwear labels, B-Side By Walé is famous for its bold colours and use of graffiti style graphics. The brand was first founded by former New Era creative director, Walé Adeyemi, and shares the same stylish yet sporty spirit.



Pronounced “6 Black”, this streetwear brand shows a clear hip hop influence with oversized shirts and hoodies. Although it was only launched in 2016, the clean lines, quality fabrics and affordable price tag have made VI BLVCK incredibly popular.

8. Thames London


As the creation of skateboarder/artist Blondey McCoy, Thames London highlights the influence of skate culture on everyday fashion. Bomber jackets and leisurewear provide the canvas for sketches and prints, as well as collaborations with big names such as Fred Perry and Damien Hirst.

Respecting the greats: Top high fashion brands to know

High fashion brands are usually already quite well-known with both fashion aficionados and everyday shoppers. However, it makes sense to learn what sets luxury brands apart and to see what is behind their success. After all, no fashion blog audience will take you seriously if you don’t the difference between Galliano and Gaultier.

1. Alexander McQueen


The late-Alexander McQueen’s legacy continues on and remains a household name in UK fashion. Although started in 1992, the high fashion label is still known for cutting edge fashion with a modern outlook.

2. Christopher Kane


This Scottish designer graduated from Central Saint Martins with a bang and even won the Harrods Design Award. Christopher Kane continues to be a leading voice in luxury fashion, with his pieces most recently seen on the red carpet at the Met Gala.

3. Stella McCartney


As much of an icon as her father, Stella McCartney first appeared in the fashion world in 2001. Since then, this luxury label and its casual elegance has become the obvious choice for celebrities like Kate Hudson and Gwyneth Paltrow.

4. CoCo VeVe


This contemporary luxury brand is known for a strong use of prints, many of which are created by head designer, Ria, herself. CoCo VeVe is also an advocate for sustainable fashion and works with in-house manufacturers and with limited production numbers.

5. Temperley London


Made famous in recent years as a preferred brand of the younger royals, Temperley London was founded in 2000. This label is known for its feminine and delicate pieces, with an emphasis on light, breathable fabrics.

6. Oswald Boateng


By reenvisioning the classic Savile Row style of tailoring, Oswald Boateng has led the way in rejuvenating elegant English fashion with a modern twist. From a small London shop, Oswald Boateng is now a global high fashion brand.

7. Paul Smith


With the iconic rainbow stripes seen in many of his designs, Paul Smith has been a name in luxury fashion since the 1970s. Although the label is known for menswear, the colours and textures of his pieces give his collections more of a gender-neutral feel.

Brushing Up and Getting Started

Of course, nobody expects a fashion blogger – especially someone just starting out – to be an expert in all things style. However, by just making an effort to get to know some of the more established names as well as the up-and-coming labels, you can blog with a more confident and informative tone. This is definitely something your readers will notice and appreciate. So what are you waiting for? If this sounds a bit too much like homework, try rebranding it as online shopping with an agenda.