The Amazon Associate’s Guide To Sharing Amazon Links On Social Media

If you’re a content creator, you’re fully aware of the opportunity that social media brings. While it certainly has its drawbacks, it brings many positives, too: it allows you to stay in touch with your community; it makes sharing and promoting your work fast and fun; it makes reaching new readers easier than ever —
What’s Your eCPC? What You Need to Know to Earn More

You’ve registered as an Amazon affiliate and the commissions have started rolling in. But are you utilising the Amazon Associates Program to its full potential to maximise your earnings? To do so, you need to know more about effective Cost-Per-Click, aka eCPC…
The Amazon Associates Program: Five Best Practices to Stay Connected

There’s a lot going on in the Associates Program – we’re always working to develop new features, tools, and resources to help you nail your work and your affiliate marketing. If you’ve ever worried you were missing important updates, or wondered if you were checking in the right places for news, read on.
Amazon Influencer Case Study: How John Fish Supports His Brand

Few things are more insightful than a great case study, and this one on John Fish is sure to leave you with plenty of ideas and inspiration. Read on to learn how this natural-born influencer became a greater resource to his audience, improved his follower experience and gained a new way to fund his work
9 Key Components to Building Your Best Idea Lists

An Idea List is the perfect tool for enabling your fans to shop your top product picks on Amazon. By grouping your recommendations into categories — aka Idea Lists — your followers get an organised, on-demand, and bespoke shopping experience. They can access your curated lists of suggestions at any time, and know that they’re
How To Use Reports In Amazon Associates

Free reports in Amazon Associates are a powerful tool that you can use to increase your profits and make your website content more relevant and compelling for your audience. Read our guide to reports and you’ll be ready to take your site to the next level.
Categorising Your Influencer Page

You can now create categories on your page, helping your followers find and shop for your favourite products and recommendations. To get started, login to with the e-mail address you used to sign up for the Influencer Program.
Driving Traffic to Your Holiday Hosting Supply Guide

In a previous article, we covered why and how to think beyond holiday gift guides, and create meaningful Idea Lists around hosting supplies for holiday gatherings. If you missed it, check it out here. If you’ve already built and optimised your list(s), read on…
Amazon Influencers: Introducing Verified Profile

As an Influencer, you know the value of rapport and reputation, and also of staying present and top-of-mind in your community. You’ve built a successful brand and engaged following on being a consistent source of information and inspiration, and you have the unique honor of literally influencing: your fans eagerly track your ideas, experiments, and
Amazon Influencer Program: Social Sharing Tips

As an Influencer, leveraging social media is essential for engaging with your followers and driving traffic to your vanity page. Remember, it is your loyal followers who look to you for the best product recommendations and quality content.
Make Your Site Load Faster Using Google PageSpeed Insights

It’s a familiar situation: you enter your search term in a search engine, click on a result and then… you wait. If nothing, or very little, appears to be happening, you click on your browser’s Back button and select a different search result, without even consciously thinking about it. How can you make your site
How To Handle Online Criticism

Dealing with criticism of your site and its content is an inevitable part of life as an affiliate marketer. Here’s how to deal with the different types of negativity you might face online, and how to turn critical comments into a positive force for your blog and your business
Get Started With Content Creation

As the owner of an affiliate website, you should always prioritise content creation. Only high-quality, helpful content that’s easy for your audience to understand – in the form of test reports or product reviews – will take your affiliate website to the next level.
Guide To Better Backlinks

Along with great content and a well-optimised website, building strong backlinks is a key part of making your affiliate-marketing site rise up the search rankings and become a success. Here’s our guide to creating high-quality, Google-friendly backlinks that will help increase your site’s visibility
Useful WordPress Plug-ins

If you’re using WordPress to create and maintain your affiliate website, free plug-ins offer you easy-to-use solutions to improve the SEO and reach of your content, strengthen your site’s security and make administering your site quicker and easier. Here’s a selection of plug-ins we recommend, with descriptions and tips…
Sourcing Products For Review

Writing your own product reviews is a must if you want to grow your Amazon Associates website and earn more referrrals. Here, we discuss the importance of only reviewing products that you own and suggest some ways to get hold of review products more cheaply
Improve Your Copy, Improve Your Conversions

In order to make money from the Amazon Associates Program, you need to ensure that a click on an Amazon Associates Affiliate Link you’ve placed on your site will ultimately lead to advertising fees.
Tips For Creating Your Own Images

Very few websites have no images at all, and there are many good reasons for this: pictures are an expected part of the modern web experience and play a huge role in creating a good first impression.
Boost Your Earnings Using Amazon Reports

As a participant of the Amazon Associates program, regularly keeping tabs on your site’s performance is of paramount importance – you always need to have the most up-to-date information, since this is about your income, after all.
Changing the Primary User

To change the primary e-mail address you use to access your Associates account, you’ll first add the new address as an account user and then delete the old address from your account using the following steps (you must be the primary account holder to complete these steps):
Prepare For Shopping Events

Amazon Shopping Events such as Cyber Monday Week, Amazon Prime Day and Black Friday sales are very popular events, offering bargains and offers at greatly reduced prices for a limited time.
IBAN And BIC Numbers

Once you’ve earned advertising fees, there are a number of ways to claim them. If you want to receive the payout by direct deposit, you’ll need your IBAN and BIC codes. Here’s how to find them
How To Set Up A/B Testing

Set up A/B testing for your WordPress site using Google tools and you’ll improve your conversions and unlock your site’s true earning potential. Follow our in-depth, step-by-step tutorial below and you’ll have A/B testing up and running in no time
How To Build Amazon Affiliate Links

We often get inquiries from new Associates about the creation of Affiliate Links (sometimes also called Associate Links). In this article, we’ll show you a number of ways to quickly and easily create Affiliate Links – and how you can earn advertising fees by placing these Affiliate Links on your website.
Valuable Data In Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a powerful tool. However, it can seem overwhelming for beginners – it provides a wide range of functions and tools and many of them seem unfamiliar.
What in the world is a bounty?

Whether it’s to cover the monthly fees of your hosting provider, boost your holiday savings, or earn a regular income, there are many reasons to make money with your own website and the Amazon Associate Program – and bounties are an integral part of the advertising fees you can earn.
Use of Social Networks For Affiliate Marketing

Amazon affiliate links can be distributed via social networks, including Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. These social networks can also be used to increase traffic to your own website, and that means you are no longer dependent solely on search engine traffic for visitors.
How To Use Amazon SiteStripe

There are a variety of different advertisement options within the Amazon Associates Program. These ads can be individual text links, banner links and widgets, and they can be quickly and easily created by SiteStripe for use on your website.
Three WordPress Affiliate Themes Compared

If you need a website for your business, what are your options? Using HTML, CSS and PHP, you could develop something very bespoke and individual. However, that’s very time-consuming and requires you to either code a site yourself, or outsource it to someone who can – making it a very expensive option.
Four Recommended WordPress Plug-ins

Amazon Associates helps you monetise the content on your blog by linking to products on Amazon’s websites. As well as Amazon’s helpful SiteStripe tool, a number of Amazon plug-ins offer WordPress users ways to make sophisticated link building faster and easier.
Why build a website to make money – Part 2

In this video, you will learn the many different styles of writing and why it is important to make sure your content has a voice and is unique. It will also cover the typical failures when starting a website and how to avoid them.
How to create quality content – Part 1

It is essential for your website to contain quality content for many reasons. This video will explain how to do this and also how to add affiliate links while maintaining your editorial integrity.
A Quick Guide To Ad-blocking Software

Ad-blocking software – a popular example of which is AdBlock – is software that extends web browsers to enable users to choose which ads they see, and which they don’t. Ads such as banners are not shown or, in most cases, not even downloaded, in order to save bandwidth.
How To Use Images

It’s all-too-easy to focus on the written content of your blog posts, including images only for illustrative purposes or as an afterthought. Yet effective use of photos and pictures can improve an article’s impact dramatically, helping to convey the themes within the content at a glance and capturing your readers’ attention.
How To Offer Advice On Your Site

To earn money with your own blog or website, your content needs to provide useful, practical information. This applies not only to product recommendation, but to any advice you give, or recommendations you make, where you assume the role of ‘the expert’ or an authority on a topic.
Using Social Media To Find New Readers

Google is likely the number-one source of visitors to your website, and typically accounts for up to 60 to 70 per cent of your total visitors.That’s great, but depending on one single traffic source for your website is never a good thing, so it’s time to add other traffic sources.
Why Write New Content

Most of your activity as a blogger will involve you writing articles. But unless your blog or website is your full-time job, it won’t always be possible to write a new article every day or even every week. Plus, if you realise there are still revenues coming in, without you having added any new articles,
Checklist For A New Website

Launching a new website is now easier than ever. However, installing your chosen CMS (Content Management System is just the beginning; you need to make sure your website is as friendly as it can be for both your visitors and the search engines, too.
Absolute Beginners: Designing Your Website Or Blog

A blog is not just about content. In order for your site to succeed in its aims, a suitable layout is just as important – more important than many newcomers believe. Just as in real life, the first impression is very important on the internet.
Absolute Beginners: Important Jargon

When you start your own website or blog, you encounter many new and confusing technical terms. We’ve explained some of the most important here, so you understand the basics of CMS, hosting and technology better.
Absolute Beginners: CMS, Domains And Hosting

You may be impatient to get going with writing a blog – and this is easier than ever before to achieve. First, though, you’’ll need to get the technical services in place for your blog to run on. This is no longer so difficult, either, since there are many free or low-cost and relatively easy-to-use
How To Find A Blog Theme

To earn money with a blog, you need to choose the right topic. Search engines prefer blogs with an instantly recognisable theme that’s easily catalogued, and thematically focused blogs are an easier sell to readers.
Understand And Influence Key Metrics

There are many metrics for blogs and websites, some of which we covered in the article How To Use Statistics And Metrics To Improve Your Blog. In practice, concentrating on just a few key metrics narrows your focus and will make optimising your site easier.
Unlock Your Site’s Potential

No site is perfect – not even one earning high commissions or generating large revenues. There are always improvements that can be made: your website will always need further development, and effective optimisation. So it makes sense to periodically check for increased revenue potential, then improve the website to that effect.
Absolute Beginners: Five Reasons To Start A Blog

Nowadays, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have practically monopolised self-expression and social networking. Publishing text, images and videos on the internet has now become so easy and standardised, many people wonder if there is still a point to keeping your own blog.
Conversion Optimisation And A/B Testing

To earn more money from a blog or website, you need to understand how to optimise your site for conversions. A trusted method for achieving this outcome is to do what is termed ‘split’ or ‘A/B’ testing.
Absolute Beginners: Technical Requirements For A Blog

Many beginners shy away from starting their own blog, because they’re intimidated by the seemingly complicated technical aspects of it. It’s okay, though – your fears are entirely unfounded, as a lot can be accomplished with very little technical know-how.
The skills bloggers need

For some, the idea to start a blog can come spontaneously, while for others, it’s a longstanding personal wish. While some simply jump in at the deep end and start blogging, others spend a lot of time thinking about whether they possess the necessary skillset to succeed.
Other methods to make money with your blog

As a partner on the Amazon Associates Program, there is proven potential for you to earn money via your affiliate-marketing blog. Yet there are many other possible sources of revenue based on your site’s specific subject matter.
Finding The Right Keywords

The days of ‘keyword stuffing’ – ie, unsubtly packing your website’s copy with search terms in the hope of improving your search-engine rankings – are long gone. However, it still makes sense to ensure that your site uses keywords responsibly in order to ensure search engines categorise your site favourably in their results.
Keeping a good reputation despite monetisation

At the beginning, the internet was an “advert free” paradise for everyone and even today many sites are built only for the reason to give information for free. Therefore, many Internet users are very critical regarding the monetisation of websites especially if you overdo it with affiliate links, banners etc.
Use of Geo-Targeting

For most sites, visitors do not only come from a single country. When you check your website statistics you will find that you will attract visitors from other countries. So for example a website built to attract mainly UK visitors could also get visitors from Europe and even the USA and Canada.
Absolute Beginners: Quick Wins With SEO

Search-engine optimisation (SEO) has some negative connotations and is a complex area to fully understand. However, since most of your visitors search using the Google search engine, you need to ensure your website has every chance of ranking highly in its search results – having good content is a great help, but is not enough