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Boost your 2021 holiday earnings with these top tips

The Amazon Associates Team
The Amazon Associates Team
Last updated November 4, 2021 4 Min Read
Boost your 2021 holiday earnings with these top tips

The holidays are right around the corner. Planning ahead can help you maximize your earnings during this high-traffic shopping period.  Our team have gathered together some top tips to help you put together a to-do list for a successful holiday season.

The holidays are all about gathering…your resources.

  • Stay in touch with us over the busy holiday season. Double-check your email preferences in your account settings to make sure you are subscribing to all helpful emails.
  • Use reports to see your earnings as well as your current orders to understand what is trending and works better. 
  • Check your Consolidated Earnings Summary to see program earnings in a single location.
  • Watch this quick video to be sure you are compliant with the Operating Agreement
  • Any time you share a link, remember to clearly disclose your relationship with Amazon. 
  • Examine your site for 404 pages or broken links and check Core Web Vitals in your Google Search Console. 
  • Ensure you have frequent touch points with your audience via newsletters, emails, social media posts, videos and more.

Make your holiday spirit unforgettable…provide the best deals

  • Use Idea Hub to source new and updated product ideas in your category.
  • Explore current Bounty opportunities for promotions that fit your audience. Don’t forget to promote Prime memberships that will provide your audience with free and quick shipping – just in time for the holidays! 
  • Share our curated gift ideas for every budget. The gift guides are live now, and new ones will be added throughout the season.

Here are useful tips and tricks from partners directly

“To discover popular new products and deals, it is always a good idea to take a look at the “Movers & Shakers” sections of the Amazon Best Seller charts, where new trends and popular items are quickly visible and updated hourly.”

Karsten Serck, AREA DVD

“I interact intensively with my social media followers during this special time of year. Promotions such as advent calendars and sweepstakes combined with great deals and offers ensure many clicks and higher interaction among customers. In this way, you sustainably strengthen the channel. And at the same time, you can build a stronger personal connection and pave the way for future sales.”

Torsten Heinze,

“For this year’s peak season, we will again create our own deals hub with individually selected deals. We promote these vigorously via our newsletter and slide-ins on the website.”“As a deal portal, we keep all slots on our website free for Black Friday and Cyber Monday Week.

Thilo Röscheisen, AllesBeste GmbH

The latter in particular, as the past has shown that many deals from Amazon are great here – and unfortunately quickly drown in the flood of promotions by other shops and retailers. That’s why we always double check the Amazon deals, so that we don’t miss anything.”

Have a great holiday season and happy earnings!