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How to Promote Amazon Shipping Benefits as an Associate

The Amazon Associates Team
The Amazon Associates Team
Last updated May 3, 2021 7 Min Read
How to Promote Amazon Shipping Benefits as an Associate

As an Amazon Associate, you want to encourage your readers to consider making their purchases with Amazon. One way to do that is to educate and remind your audience of the various benefits of shopping at Amazon.

Some of them are well-known, like Prime membership. But there are dozens of additional benefits that make shopping on Amazon even more appealing.

In this article, we will break down major Amazon shipping benefits. We’ve also added three content templates that you can use for your blog or any kind of affiliate website.

Inform your audience about Amazon’s free delivery options near your Call To Action to increase the chance that they will click on your link and end up purchasing a product through your affiliate website.

Let’s get started.

FDFO [Free Delivery on First Order]

Get free delivery on your first order

Did you know that your readers might qualify for FDFO (Free Delivery on Your First Order)?

Many non-Amazon shoppers are not aware this benefit even exists. Here’s a brief overview on how FDFO works and who benefits from it. Then, you can experiment with sharing relevant messaging to your audience and increase sales.

FDFO applies to items dispatched by, that you can identify by the messages “Fulfilled by Amazon” or “Dispatched from and sold by Amazon” on the product detail page.

This offer is only valid on orders dispatched to addresses within the UK or the Republic of Ireland where the orders took place on the website.

The option “Free Delivery on First Order” can be selected by customers who have created an Amazon account and have not previously placed an order on Amazon.

For customers to take advantage of the FDFO benefit, they simply need to follow the following steps:

  1. Add qualifying Items to the basket.
  2. Proceed to checkout.
  3. Select the ‘Free Delivery on First Order’ option.
  4. Complete the purchase.

Under certain conditions, free shipping is also available for every additional order.

As an affliate marketer, consider telling your audience about this benefit. Keep reading to find out the best way how.

FDFO Content Template

Here’s an example of how to integrate FDFO into a product review or a blogpost.

🚚 Did you know? 👀 If you’ve never purchased from Amazon, you can benefit from free delivery on your first order. Any item in your first order dispatched by will be delivered to your doorstep for free.

Share this feature with your readers and invite them to create an Amazon account today to enjoy all the benefits tomorrow!

So, the customer has placed their first order with free delivery! Well done, but there’s more to come. Even non-Prime members can benefit from free deliveries to access points.

Free Delivery to Access Points

Free Standard Delivery to Pickup Points.

Getting parcels delivered to access points is easy and convenient. In fact, click and collect has become very popular as customers don’t have to be at home to receive their packages on time. They can just go to the access point and pick them up anytime.

What Types of Pickup Points Does Amazon Have?

Customers have two options:

  1. Lockers

Amazon lockers are spread across all United Kingdom. Customers just find the one closest to them! Once the order has arrived, the customer receives an e-mail notification and can retrieve their items by entering a six-digit code or scanning a barcode.

Most lockers work 24/7, so even if someone is working late or otherwise busy, they can get their items before going home.

Amazon locker at a parking lot.
© Alex Motoc / Unsplash

2. Counters

Counters are becoming an increasingly popular option for package pick-up. They are being set up in many stores so customers can just pick up their Amazon parcels while shopping for other items. There’s also an option to pay for an order at the counter.

How Free Pickup Delivery Works

Curious to find out how this feature works?

  1. The customer creates an Amazon Account or signs in to an existing one.
  2. The customer adds one or more items eligible for pickup delivery to their basket. Eligible items are marked with ‘This item is eligible for click and collect’.
  3. The customer selects a pickup location as their shipping address by navigating to pickup locations during checkout.
  4. They select the delivery option “FREE Standard Delivery” and complete their purchase.

Free Delivery to Access Points Content Template

Free Delivery to Access Points is a huge sales driver, so look for ways to include it in your content. Here’s one:

🚚 Good to know! Amazon Deliveries to Lockers and Counters are FREE, even for non-Prime members. Just select items marked with ‘This item is eligible for click and collect’, add them to your basket, and choose a convenient pickup location nearby.

Free Shipping over £20

This is probably the most known Amazon shipping benefit. If a customer buys eligible items for more than £20, the delivery is free. They can spot this benefit by looking for the tag “FREE delivery” next to their price.

At checkout, the customer justs selects “FREE delivery” and that’s it!

Even though many people know about this Amazon shopping benefit, it can still be worth to add it in the mix and tell your audience about it.

Free Shipping over £20 Content Template

🚚 Did you know that you can easily avoid any shipping fees when shopping on Amazon? That’s because delivery is FREE for all purchases over £20 for non-Prime members and new customers. Just make sure the items you pick are eligible for free delivery and proceed to checkout.