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How to Join the Amazon Influencer Program

Martin Trauzold
Martin Trauzold
Last updated August 31, 2021 12 Min Read
How to Join the Amazon Influencer Program

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As an influencer, leveraging social media is essential for engaging with your followers and driving traffic to your vanity page. Remember, it is your loyal followers who look to you for the best product recommendations and quality content.

Are you considering a new way to monetize your social media skills? 

Then, the Amazon Influencer Program might be the solution for you! 

In this article, we will cover topics such as:

  • Amazon Influencer Definition
  • How to Become an Amazon Influencer
  • Verified Amazon Influencer Profiles
  • Social Media Sharing Tips

As a cherry on top, we have also included helpful information concerning disclosures as well as a topic-related FAQ section.      

Let’s dive into it. 😉

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What Is an Amazon Influencer?

Amazon influencers are content creators providing recommendations on Amazon products to inspire their audience on social media channels.

Once you sign up for the Amazon Influencer Program, you can access tools you need to select the best of Amazon’s products and showervices and introduce them to your followers. 

Amazon influencers curate a Storefront which is essentially a mini Amazon website for your brand. There, you can post your Amazon products and any related content making it possible for your readers to browse through your selection.

You can simply link to your Storefront on various social media channels using a single URL.

Keep on reading to find out how to join the Amazon Influencer Program.

How Do You Become a [Verified] Amazon Influencer?

It’s quite simple actually. 

The Amazon Influencer Program has been launched with the goal of supporting creators like you, who work hard to keep their audiences updated on their current projects and new favorite finds—including their top product and promo picks on Amazon. 

All types of influencers can apply for the Amazon Influencer Program, provided you have a 

  • YouTube
  • Instagram 
  • Facebook 


When reviewing your application, we will also look at the number of your followers and other engagement metrics.

If approved, you can start enjoying all the perks our program has to offer. We’ve streamlined sharing for creators, shopping for followers, and now, we’re making the whole experience even better. 

Introducing, Verified Profiles!

What Is a Verified Profile?

Verified Profiles are Amazon pages that capture your social identity, including:

  • a public name 
  • a short bio 
  • social media links
  • updates published across Amazon’s social experiences
  • recent content 

This content includes reviews, questions, answers, idea lists, spark stories, and a tile that links to your Influencer store. 

Your profile is about YOU!

The screenshot shows an Amazon Storefront page

What Are the Benefits of Being a Verified Amazon Influencer?

As a verified Amazon Influencer, you get a blue checkmark next to your name. This signals to customers that you are someone with a meaningful following whose opinions are valued by Amazon and others. 

Additionally, once you’re verified, your fans can follow you on Amazon! As a supplement to all the other great work you’re doing, these features help boost your authority and reputation, as well as offer a hands-off way of keeping your community updated on your Amazon activity.

What Does the “Follow” Feature on Your Amazon Influencer Profile Entail?

When a shopper follows you on Amazon, they’ll receive updates via email and push notifications whenever you contribute new content on the site—a product review, a new Idea List, etc. 
When someone clicks through from one of these emails or push notifications, you receive attribution and will participate in any purchases they make.

Shoppers can find your profile by: 1) clicking on the profile link located on your store page; 2) clicking on the avatar image on your onsite contributions; and 3) people search.

How Do I Get Verified?

All influencers are automatically verified when they get approved for the program.

New influencers are verified as a part of the Amazon Influencer Program sign up process. You are given the option to have 

  1. your current account verified 
  2. to create a new profile if you wish to manage your influencer account separately
Sign-up page for the Amazon Influencer Program

“I am Now a Verified Amazon Influencer! What’s Next?” 

Tell your fans to follow you on Amazon! 

This way, when you’re active on Amazon—including adding new recommendations to your storefront—they are alerted and can continue to be inspired to shop by you!

That said, it’s time to move on to sharing your Amazon influencer profile on social media.

Social Media Sharing Tips for Amazon Influencers 

We’ve put together some tips for sharing your influencer profile on various social media channels to help you spread the word about your shop on Amazon.


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  • Utilise the bio line on your Instagram profile by adding a link to your influencer page. You can reference this in product-specific posts so that your followers know where they can find your page.
  • In product-related posts, let your followers know they can shop all of the products featured in your posts by clicking on the link in your bio.
  • Instagram Stories have become an extremely popular way to engage with followers. Those that have not been pinned have a 24-hour life span and are a great, authentic way to get more eyes on your profile and content. Stories are also a less formal way to remind your followers that you’re helping them find the best products and give you an outlet to showcase your personality.

With the Instagram Stories highlight feature, you can now extend the life of your story by pinning it to the top of your profile. These Stories will live permanently on your profile until you delete them, giving you a great new way to show off products and talk about your page!


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  • Add a link to your influencer page in the “About” section of your Facebook profile.
  • Facebook Stories also have a 24-hour life span and are perfect to advertise your profile and content. 
  • Link the “Shop Now” button to your Amazon influencer page. To add the “Shop Now” button, click “Add a button” below your cover photo and select the ‘“Shop” button from the drop-down menu. 
  • In product-related posts, include a link to your vanity URL along with a link to the product you are posting about.


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  • Add a link to your Amazon influencer page in the “About” section of your YouTube channel.
  • Include it in the description of your videos or share links to specific products that you talk about or show in your videos.
  • Mention your URL during your video and consider a banner ad that links to your Amazon influencer page.


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  • Add a link to your influencer profile in your Twitter bio line.
  • Tweets are simple and short, making it easy to inform your audience about your page on a regular basis. Therefore, include a link to your vanity URL if the character count allows. If not, let your followers know they can click on the link in your bio.

Website & Blog

  • Your website and blog visitors are coming to read about the products and items that you recommend. Consider your audience and think carefully about what content they want to see.
  • While older blog posts and content can still be valuable to your readers, writing new content is beneficial. 

Do not forget to link to specific products that you write about, and add your vanity URL as a “one stop shop” for all of the items you recommend on your blog or website.


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  • Snapchat Stories give you a quick, unique way to give your followers a teaser about your shop on Amazon! Take a video or snap a photo of your favorite product(s) to create some buzz about your influencer page.


  • If you have a podcast or other audio medium you use to connect and engage with fans, you can use that as an opportunity to tell them about your shop on Amazon.

Best ways to inform your audience about your Amazon Influencer profile on different social media platforms … 


But there is another important element that you have to consider.

Disclosure of Affiliate Links 

Every time you include an affiliate link it’s important to disclose that to your audience. Your followers will trust you more if you are transparent about where you are directing them when you share links. 
Want to learn more about what our Associates Operating Agreement requires? Visit our FAQ.

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Amazon Influencers FAQ

After catching a glimpse of what it means to be an Amazon influencer, you might have some additional inquiries about the program. 

We have prepared answers to three frequently asked questions.

1. Do Amazon Influencers Get Paid?

Yes, as an Amazon influencer you can earn money when your followers make qualifying purchases via your affiliate links. 

Keep in mind: Income Commission rates vary and are based on the products sold. 

2. How Do Amazon Influencers Get paid?

As an Amazon influencer you receive commissions and payments on a monthly basis. Approximately 60 days after the end of each month, we will either send you a cheque, an Amazon Gift Certificate or deposit your commissions directly into your bank account.

3. How Many Followers Do You Need to Qualify for an Amazon Influencer?

Here, the rule “the more, the better” applies. It is optimal if you have thousands of followers, however, also so called micro influencers have joined the Amazon Influencer Program. So don’t be discouraged if you think your follower base is not large enough. Give it a go!  

Voilà…You’ve made it 🥳

Now you know how to get started as an Amazon influencer. We’re continuously working to include even more tools and features in the Amazon Influencer Program, and hope a verified profile translates to your increased affiliate success. 

More new resources coming soon!