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Christmas Gift Ideas: Putting Together Holiday Content for Your Blog

Martin Trauzold
Martin Trauzold
Last updated December 16, 20199 Min Read

‘Tis the season… to create some festive, conversion-generating content! It’s important that bloggers create work that connects to important events and seasons – and that’s especially the case for fashion bloggers.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re creating a shopping guide that will offer inspiration to clueless husbands or help people find the perfect office kris kringle offering. As long as you’re creating something that is relevant to your subscribers, you’ll have an SEO-friendly way of garnering new interest.

Tips on building content around Christmas presents for your fashion blog

It sounds easy enough, right? Christmas presents make for a great fashion blogging topic, but it is important to find something that helps your content stand out from the crowd without seeming too commercial.

A great way to do this is to maintain consistency with your previous recommendations. If you want to create an article on a niche topic like “Top 10 Gifts For Her Under £50” then it makes sense to look for items from brands you’ve previously recommended. Brand loyalty benefits you by both strengthening your relationship with your affiliate networks, as well as demonstrating the authenticity of your recommendations.

1. Keep an eye on market trends

Need to know what people want to read about? Do a quick bit of research online, and use your newfound knowledge to either cement your original ideas or, if necessary, to guide you in a new direction.

You can find inspiration from blogs in your network and shopping centre or department store newsletters, or you can even take advantage of more technical resources.


Google Trends is a great way to test out potential themes and decide whether it will be popular content. From comparing search terms to analysis of peaks and troughs in traffic over different time periods – this tool is adaptable, it’s also free!

For example, let’s you’re thinking about writing about the 10 best high-street stores for festive deals. After researching a little, you might notice that this isn’t actually that popular a topic and instead an article on beauty-related gifts would have more appeal. Just by taking the time to do a little clicking around, you’ve given your content a better start.

2. Have a guide for last-minute shoppers

First come, first served is a popular adage, but leaving Christmas shopping to the last minute is still a widespread trend. In fact, the “pay online and pick up in store” model has increased the ease (and popularity) with which procrastinators can get their shopping done at the very last second. Fortunately, this disorganisation is also a source of easy traffic for fashion bloggers.


Last-minute shoppers are an obvious demographic for this kind of blog post. Offering a few easy to find, adaptable gift ideas is a great way to win over new readers. You can also make a top 10 of your favourites from the year as a whole, which is also an effective method of boosting existing partner relationships and can even feature recycled content for those bloggers who are a bit strapped for time.

Spreading the word – how to make sure your gift guide pays off

It’s all well and good to produce an amazing gift guide, but if you’re still in the early stages of growing your blog, you might need to give it a helping hand in finding an audience.

First off, networking isn’t just a millennial buzzword, it’s also the key to spreading awareness of your blog. Find a blog that you feel has a similar tone and audience and comment regularly. Perhaps you can even refer back to your own page so that potential readers can find you easily.


The next stop is social networks. If you don’t have a social media presence already, that should be your resolution for the new year. Instagram and Twitter are incredibly effective ways of getting your content shared and you should be taking advantage of this. Even if your audience is small, the right hashtags and interest can help your posts find exposure to entirely new readers.

The top fashion blogs to inspire holiday content inspiration

The next step is making sure you’re presenting your content well. You can write the most poetic descriptions for items, but that won’t matter at all unless you’ve got a visually engaging side to your posts. Take a look at a few fashion blogs that do holiday content the right way:

Who What Wear


This is a blog that truly understands the reach of a shopping guide – there’s a whole section of the blog dedicated to them. Their budget gift ideas post gives a nice overview on how to best structure your content in a reader-friendly way. Here you’ll see there use of simple product photos that have social sharing links on each image. Each bold image is offset by a small description. It’s important not to get too wordy in this section as more often than not, the picture sells the item, not the text. Who What Wear shows a great example of how to use affiliate links. At the bottom of each image, the products are easily found by the reader (and easily converted into a commission for you).

Belle & Bunty


The lead up to sales is another important time to start including holiday-oriented content. For example, Thanksgiving and the subsequent Black Friday sales were once a curious thing non-Americans only saw in sitcoms and movies. However, the holiday sales side of things is now a popular concept even in non-English speaking countries.

This relatively new reason to grab your credit card is also accompanied by the even newer Cyber Monday, which is the digital equivalent of the Black Friday sales. Sites like Amazon celebrate this period with amazing discounts. Building content around this theme has audiences ready and waiting to discover the best deals.

Belle & Bunty offer a similar image-based bias in their content, with some of their gift guide blogs neglecting to use text at all. While it can be nice to offer personal anecdotes or individual reasons for each reader to relate to the product, it is important to remember that shopping for yourself and shopping for another person are two completely different things. There is less of a personal connection required in gift guides, as a person is not judging the items by the same criteria.

Life of Ellie Grace


If you’re not sure on how to brand your gift guide, then look no further. This blog is a great example of how to create attention grabbing headlines without seeming too much like click-bait. Ellie Grace’s “Ultimate Guides” for everything from gifts under a certain amount to “no gift” gift guides. While you should never judge a book by its cover, it’s unfortunately true that a catchy title is a must for luring readers in from search engines and external sources.

Additionally, this is a great example of alternative formatting. Flatlays of products together conjures visions of tables packed full of presents just waiting for their turn to be gift wrapped. Creating a visual aid like this not only is a nice change of pace from standard packshots but is also a great way of offering a relatable version of the product to the reader.

Get started today

Although it’s a bit late in the season, there is still more than enough time to throw a post or two together for that specific group we mentioned – the last minute shoppers.

Just by following our tips and doing a little research, you’ll be able to create engaging content in time for those panicked Google searches and stressed-out shoppers. Your blog with its helpful suggestions and affiliate links will be online waiting for them to make better choices for their holiday shopping experience.