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Photo Editing Apps that Every Blogger Needs

Martin Trauzold
Martin Trauzold
Last updated May 26, 2017 4 Min Read
Photo Editing Apps that Every Blogger Needs

© Liza Summer / Pexels

It’s no secret that the world of fashion, and now fashion blogging, rely heavily on photographs that have been edited

– sometimes to the point of unrecognition from the original image. While many brands have been called out for these techniques, a little touch-up or editing can really make your blog images stand out from the crowd.

You no longer need to have spent years learning complicated photo-editing software; there are plenty of free or inexpensive tools out there that don’t have steep learning curves. Here are a few of my favorites to help your images bring your blog to the next level.



If you’re looking to simply retouch and edit photos, Canva probably isn’t the tool for you. But if you want to create collages, layouts, add a watermark to your images or create social media posts with text overlay, Canva is one of your best options.

With paid and free subscriptions, you can start with a basic account and upgrade when you’re ready. Canva has an easy to use, drag and drop interface, plenty of built-in templates and design ideas, and even stock photography if you’re really in a pinch.



Pixlr has both web apps and mobile apps to help you quickly edit your photos. It will tackle everything from red-eye removal to shine reducing, cropping, and overlays.

Pixlr Express allows you to quickly upload a photo and start editing within seconds, without downloading any bulky software. Once you have your photo the way you want it, you can download your edited version back to your computer.

Color Story


If you’re editing on the go, Color Story has some of the nicest filters that you can customize and save as your own. Pair it with a mobile app that does text overlay like Over or Layout to create a collage and you can post to social sites or your blog all without logging onto your computer.

Adobe Cloud


If you are ready to take the next step in photo editing, the industry standard still lives with the Adobe Suite. If you only want to dabble in editing, or don’t plan on using Adobe products all the time, consider an Adobe Cloud subscription.

It’s available for specific products and is a much less expensive alternative than purchasing the full software. Adobe Cloud offers nearly all the same features – more than enough for even the most savvy of bloggers. Adobe Lightroom is great for photo-editing, particularly if you have a lot of images to edit.

Mac Photos


If you have a Mac, Photos by default does a great job. Not only will Photos help keep your images organized, but it also takes care of your editing needs with touch ups, cropping, and filters.

Assuming you’re already familiar with your Mac, there shouldn’t be much of a learning curve to edit with Photos.

Whatever the extent of your photo-editing needs are, there’s a tool out there for you. With a few of your favorites, you can ensure the images that you’re posting to your site show off all your best angles!