Technical requirements for having your own blog

Technical requirements for having your own blog

Many beginners shy away from starting their own blog, because they are intimidated by the supposedly complicated technical aspects of it. With blogs especially, these fears are entirely unfounded, as a lot can be accomplished with very little technical know-how.

Of course it is helpful to have technical knowledge, but it is not absolutely necessary. There are a lot of possibilities when starting a blog, you just have to find out which one is right for you.

The minimal technical requirements

Every blogger will need a computer with access to the internet. A PC or a laptop is likely the most sensible solution, as it is best to write on a proper keyboard, especially when working on longer articles. But generally, a tablet or a smartphone can be used for blogging.

In order to access your blog, an internet connection is absolutely indispensable. A hosting provider will ensures that your websites are available online around the clock (24 hours the day and 7 days a week).

On your computer, you will need a browser installed, which is used to access your blog. Depending on the CMS and the kind of hosting you have chosen, you might in addition need a FTP programme to be able to upload files from your own computer to the blog.

CMS, hosting and more

Dependant on the way you choose to build your blog you might need specific technical requirements.

If you were to select a blogging service, there wouldn’t be anything technical left to do, as the blogging providers take care of everything. While this is an interesting possibility, especially for beginners, be aware that these come with certain limitations. For example, you might have to be content with choosing existing layouts, or you might only be able to monetise (make money with your blog) within certain limits.

If you decide to host your blog yourself, you will need to know a couple more technical things.

If you host yourself, you will have to choose a Content Management System (CMS). WordPress is extremely popular blogging software. It can be installed for free and there are many manuals and tips available on the internet. Other CMS are more specialised and more modern, but often they are little more complicated.

To install the CMS, you will need a suitable hosting rate. It is important that the minimum requirements of the CMS are met. Some versions can cause many problems, such as the PHP version, the database version and the usable RAM. However, since WordPress has become so popular, a lot of hosting services now offer relatively cheap rates for beginners.

Another technical requirement is the domain, this will enable you to reach the blog on the internet. Usually these are included in the price when choosing a hosting provider.

To make sure the blog is visually appealing to your visitors, you will also have to take care of choosing a suitable layout. For many CMS you will find a large selection of free layout templates. WordPress for example offers their own, but you can also have your own unique layout made by a web designer, or – when able – make your own.

Many possibilities

As you can see, the absolute minimum of necessary technical knowledge is rather low. If you have a very specific idea, wish to have more freedom or are confident in your technical skills, you can also just install the blog yourself – it’s not that difficult anymore.

One thing is certain: Starting your own blog has never been easier than today.

Article by Stephanie Schuricht

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