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Top Mobile Apps for Fashion Bloggers

Martin Trauzold
Last updated May 26, 20176 Min Read

Gone are the days of being tied to a computer to get in a days work. For many bloggers, your website may not even be your full time job, so having access to your notes, inspiration and productivity apps across devices is a necessity.

Whether you’re on a train, running between meetings, or simply trying to keep ideas organized during a lunch break, here are productivity apps to keep your blogging organized when you’re on the go.

Top Mobile Apps

1. WordPress or Tumblr

Two of the most popular blogging platforms offer full mobile versions of their desktop software. It’s now easier than ever to start a draft, edit a post you started at home, or manage comments from anywhere. The WordPress app supports both self-hosted or users. Tumblr’s interface makes it simple to upload a photo, video, links, or full posts to then post and share in a matter of minutes.

2. Evernote

Evernote has become a powerful catch-all for notes, links, and inspiration across projects. Whether you need to keep notes for a meeting or a place to organize your contacts, Evernote will keep you organized. It’s one of the most simple to use note-taking apps, and remains equally useful whether on your phone or computer.

3. Todoist

While Evernote is great for in-depth notes, when you’re looking for a simple to-do list to keep yourself organized, check out Todoist. Todoist is a sleek organization app that allows you to share tasks with others, and integrates with connected speakers like Amazon Echo or Google Home. You can use it to set reminders at home through Echo and then be alerted of them later while you’re out and about through Todoist.

4. Dropbox

The ability to access files anywhere with Dropbox can completely change the way you store and organize everything that you’re working on digitally. No longer do you need to save files directly to your computer, but instead saving them to a Dropbox folder ensures you can access your photos and files anywhere.

The mobile app will automatically back up all of your phone’s pictures when connected to wifi, so you’ll never worry about losing images or not having enough storage space on your phone.

5. Cloth

For a fashion blogger, this is a fantastic app that will help you plan your next outfit post. Complete with a virtual wardrobe filled with photos of your own clothing, you can tag each look and even integrate weather updates to plan for the days ahead. You can also follow other users for fashion inspiration.

6. ColorStory

Photo editing is a critical part of being a blogger. Having photos that are uniquely yours with custom filters and color editing can make your images stand out in a crowd.

ColorStory was built by bloggers and has a wide range of filters and color editing tools that allow you to get just the right color balance and feel to your photos. Save your own favorite combinations to build your own filters and quickly import into Instagram or your other favorite social media channels.

7. Canva

Canva is an easy to use photo-editing tool that is great for bloggers. Whether you need to overlay text on a photo for a blog post, want to create a new Facebook cover photo or even a logo – Canva allows you to easily upload your own photos or use their own stock imagery to create a variety of social-media sized graphic elements. You can design from scratch or use any of their beautiful templates to get started.

8. Disqus

Many bloggers use Disqus to verify commenters on their blog posts and reduce spam. With their mobile app, you can quickly stay logged in and comment on other’s blog posts to stay connected in the blogging world. Easily manage replies and conversations from within the app – a task that becomes much simpler with the click of one button on your phone.

9. Buffer

Some tasks were meant to be done in bulk, and now you can schedule your tweets or Instagram posts from your phone with Buffer, all at one time. You can schedule your posts to share at the best possible times, or at multiple times, and view analytics for each update to help you constantly refine your posting schedule.

10. Plan

If you’re looking to keep your calendar and daily activities organized in one place, you won’t find a more visually appealing way to do it than with Plan. For the busy blogger on the go, this is not only a way to stay organized but a powerful time-management tool that may very well help you identify which parts of your life take up the most hours, and how to better organize your day in order to accomplish what you need.

So the next time you want to blog through a holiday getaway or just need to stay connected throughout your day, make sure to load up your phone with some of these apps to make the most of your time and stay connected to your blog.