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Amazon Influencer Spotlight: How Laura Fuentes of MOMables Boosts Her Income

Martin Trauzold
Martin Trauzold
Last updated April 23, 2019 3 Min Read
Amazon Influencer Spotlight: How Laura Fuentes of MOMables Boosts Her Income

© Laura Fuentes

There are many paths to success as an Amazon Influencer. And while the program is intuitive on its own, we know it’s helpful to hear how other Influencers are making fruitful use of the platform’s features.

So we’re excited to showcase Laura Fuentes of MOMables – here, we detail the products Laura shares, how she promotes them, the results she’s seeing, and more. Enjoy!

The Brand

MOMables is a healthy-eating website and community that “helps parents eliminate processed foods and sugars from their family’s diet in 30 days, with meal plans, guides and helpful content”.


The site offers a selection of healthy-eating programmes and plans, as well as kid-friendly recipes that followers adore.

The Recommendations

Laura employs several resources as she cooks and crafts her meal plans and guides, and her followers are always interested in what she’s using and loving. Via her personal Amazon storefront URL and shortened product links, Laura shares her recommended cooking tools, meal supplies, kitchen appliances and cookbooks (including her own!) in MOMables blogs and social-media content.


The Strategy

In addition to linking up products as they naturally occur in her posts and videos, Laura has taken a targeted approach to affiliate-marketing content. Particularly, she uses a ‘video loop’ plan, which goes as follows:


With this strategy, Laura can simultaneously achieve her goals of creating great resources for her followers, connecting them to the products she loves and that they’re interested in and giving her Amazon store more exposure and promotion.

The Results

Let’s hear from Laura herself:

Since Laura joined the Amazon Influencer Program, MOMables followers have gained a quick and easy one-stop shop of product recommendations and Laura has seen a significant increase in revenue! Feeling inspired to smarten up your own shop? Here’s a great guide.

Not yet part of the Amazon Influencer Program, but interested in learning more? Start here.

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