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Amazon Associates Webinar: "Improve Your Google Search Rankings" - Video & PDF

Martin Trauzold
Last updated July 3, 20171 Min Read

In collaboration with Sistrix, the first Amazon Associates webinar took place on 27th June 2017. In 30 minutes, Patrick Ugol, SEO expert from Sistrix and Joanna Giddings, Marketing Manager from Amazon Associates, presented a webinar on basic SEO topics. It covered the below topics:

  • Defining SEO
  • What does Google have to say?
  • What in the world is a Google Snippet?
  • The anatomy of a Google Snippet
  • How to improve your Snippet?

After the presentation, a Q&A session took place with the participants. Questions included “Is it best to do nofollow links or follow?”, “If my site gets hit by a penalty, what is the best process to rectify this?” and “How do I pick good keywords to target?”.

The webinar has been recorded and can be viewed below. You can download the accompanying PDF here.