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Amazon Associates for Fashion Bloggers

Sven Eßbach
Last updated May 26, 20174 Min Read

If you’re a fashion blogger looking to monetise your site, one of the easiest ways to get started is through an affiliate program. By sharing products on your site that your audience can purchase, you earn a percentage of any sales generated by your content.

But between working directly with a brand, a large fashion affiliate aggregator, or a traditional affiliate network, it’s hard to know where to get started. And not all brands or fashion networks will accept just any blogger.

A sometimes overlooked affiliate partner for fashion bloggers makes it easy to join, offers competitive commissions, has great conversion rates, and is one of the most shopped sites across the globe.

Amazon UK

From clothing to shoes, handbags and accessories – you can shop and share with your audience great brands on Amazon.

Those 7 for All Mankind Jeans you wear with everything – they’re on Or a hot new watch from Marc Jacobs – you can style that and earn commission incomes on sales generated from your website.

Hidden Perks of Amazon Associates

Outside of the expected experience of including products on your site and earning commission incomes when your audience goes on to purchase those products, there are several key differences in Amazon’s affiliate program that make it enticing for bloggers looking to monetise their site.

  1. You can earn from halo sales. What this means is that any visitor from your site to Amazon who clicked through one of your affiliate links is cookied. If that visitor then puts a pair of shoes, a handbag, a bag of dog food, new toothbrush and latest best-selling novel in their shopping cart and checks out, you earn commission incomes on all the items they purchased!
  2. One affiliate program with a lot of products. If you consider yourself more of a lifestyle blogger than strictly a fashion blogger, you may write about many different topics. And those topics come with their own opportunities to link to any product available on Amazon. Everything from the camera you use to shoot your photos, to the music you’re listening to through your awesome new headphones. These are all additional opportunities to monetise your site, while managing just one affiliate program.
  3. It’s really simple. There are no complicated applications to fill out and anyone with a website, Facebook page, YouTube channel, etc. can join. Once you sign up, and are accepted into the program, you can start building links right away.
  4. And if you enable SiteStripe within Associates Central, whenever you’re logged into you’ll see a small toolbar at the top while browsing that makes it super simple to grab an affiliate link for the product you need. In Associates Central you’ll also be able to see which products are selling the best for you, and what other products your audience bought through one of your links – which may spur the next great blog post idea!

If you’re a beginning blogger just starting out, once you have applied to join the Associates Program and are accepted, you can start building links right away. If you have an established audience and are looking to further monetise your site, Amazon Associates is great tool to expand your efforts.

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