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Introducing StyleSnap

Martin Trauzold
Martin Trauzold
Last updated November 6, 2019 8 Min Read
Introducing StyleSnap

© Liza Summer / Pexels

Now your followers can shop your social posts on Amazon! Introducing StyleSnap!

StyleSnap is a new shopping feature that makes it easy for your followers to shop your social posts by taking a screenshot and uploading the photo in the Amazon app, and you earn on qualifying sales you inspire!


How it works

Shopping with StyleSnap is easy! Provide these instructions to your followers:

  1. Take a screenshot
  2. Go to your Amazon app and click the Camera icon next to the search bar
  3. Upload the screenshot and get recommendations!

*Note that the recommendations will surface both your tagged items and Amazon recommendations. You earn on qualifying sales in both cases!


How you can earn

Wondering how you can earn from StyleSnap? The magic is in Shoppable Photos. You’ll add your fashion-focused social media images as Shoppable Photos to your Influencer Storefront. When your follower uploads a screenshot and StyleSnap scans it, Amazon will match the image with your associated Shoppable Photo, and apply your attribution.

Get Started:

  1. Go to your storefront by typing in your vanity URL into the search bar. Be sure you’re logged into Amazon with the email address you used to sign-up for the programme. Don’t have a storefront yet? Create one here!
  2. Click on “Add to Storefront” and select Shoppable Photo
  3. Upload any original social media image that you own to your Influencer Storefront and tag the products featured in the post.
  4. You must tag your photo as either Women’s Fashion or Men’s Fashion — that’s what will allow you to earn via StyleSnap. If you do not use either of these tags, you will not earn through StyleSnap.
  5. Post the Shoppable Photo to your Influencer Storefront.

Your images can now be matched up with screenshots customers upload via StyleSnap— and, bonus: it could also be chosen to share in StyleSnap’s “Explore Looks” discovery recommendations.

You receive commissions for qualifying purchases of the products you recommend as well as the similar items we recommend. You also receive commissions for qualifying purchases of other items made on Amazon (even if it’s not on your Influencer Storefront) during the session.

For more information on payment, please see the Operating Agreement.


Spread the word!

We need your help spreading the word on this fun new feature, so be sure to explain to your followers how the “screenshot + StyleSnap” process works until they get the hang of it.

Here are some example captions you can use to educate your readers in your Instagram Posts!

“Shop this look on @Amazon. Take a screenshot, open your Amazon App, tap on ?, and upload the photo. #AmazonStyleSnap”
“Shop my look on @Amazon App! #AmazonStyleSnap

1) Screenshot this image 2) tap on ? in the Amazon App 3) Upload the photo!”


1. How should I route my followers to StyleSnap, and will they understand that I’m earning commissions through it?

In addition to explaining how it works while StyleSnap is still new, you should indicate that a post is eligible for shopping in StyleSnap by tagging it #StyleSnap.

As always, you must comply with all applicable laws and regulations when you could earn from a referral, including by providing all necessary disclosures. EU advertising laws require marketing communications must be obviously identifiable as such (i.e. people should know they are looking at an ad).

2. Where will my photos appear?

For now, the places your images can appear/be uploaded are: on your Influencer Storefront, the Explore Looks widget on StyleSnap (for photos tagged with Women’s Fashion or Men’s Fashion), and potentially in the Explore feed.

3. What must I do to receive commissions?

1) You must upload your image to your Influencer Storefront as a Shoppable Photo. This will tag your photo with your Associates account so you can earn commissions on qualifying sales you drive through StyleSnap.

2) You must tag your image with “Women’s Fashion” or “Men’s Fashion” tags in your Shoppable Photo

3) The items in the photo must be Women’s Fashion or Men’s Fashion items.

Additional Recommendations:

4) Products must be tagged on the item related to the photo (i.e., if you are tagging tops, put the dot in the center of the top)

5) Tag no more than 5 products in one image

6) Use photos that clearly show the fashion (for example, don’t use folded or hanging clothes or items that are covered by another person/item).

7) Check whether you have selected the right product. Go to the product page and click on the colour/pattern that matches your photo.

In StyleSnap, you receive commissions for qualifying purchases of the products you recommend as well as the similar items we surface. You also receive commissions for qualifying purchases of other items made on Amazon (even if it’s not on your Influencer Storefront) during the session. This is the same payment structure as you have for your Influencer Storefront.

4. How can I see how my posts in StyleSnap are performing?

  1. Go to Associates Central:
  2. Click on the “Reporting” tab
  3. Navigate to “Earnings” and click on “Link type performance”. There, you will see an aggregate view of the sales you’re driving through StyleSnap.

5. How do I remove my photos from StyleSnap?

Deleting a Shoppable Photo from your Influencer Storefront will remove it from StyleSnap too. Note: if you deactivate your Associates account without deleting the images, they will continue to display to Amazon customers.

6. What product categories does StyleSnap support?

StyleSnap currently supports apparel, shoes, and bags for both men and women. Kids, maternity, accessories, swimwear/lingerie, homewear, and traditional garments are currently not supported.

7. Is StyleSnap publically available?

Amazon launched StyleSnap on May 1st in the US. We have not yet publically launched the ability for influencers to earn through Shoppable Photos in StyleSnap – we’re testing with you as one of the first! As a result, we can’t guarantee comprehensive attribution tracking. Amazon is not responsible for any errors, inaccuracies, or service interruptions with respect to this service offering.

Great images for similar recommended items

The images below will show not only the items you tag, but also items Amazon recommends based on similarities. The key factors of great images for recommendations are that they are:

  • Front-facing
  • Well-framed (not too zoomed in or out)
  • No obstructions (nothing covering the item)

Low result images for similar recommended items

The images below will show the items you tag. However, they may return lower quality similar recommendations or no similar recommendations. The key factors limiting recommendations are that they are:

  • Not front facing
  • Too far away or close up
  • Not front facing
  • Low resolution
  • Obscured (something covering the item)
  • Product belongs to unsupported categories such as kids, maternity, swimwear/lingerie, homewear, accessories, and traditional garments.

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Help and Support

If you’re facing technical difficulties using StyleSnap, contact: