Why do I Have to Write New Content?

Why do I Have to Write New Content?

The principal activity of a blogger is to write articles. It is not always possible to write a new article every day or week. In addition if you realise that there are still revenues coming in without newly published articles you may stop publishing articles. But is this an option?

Money without content?

First, the question arises whether it is generally possible to earn money without content? Again and again one sees small “blogs” or new affiliate sites that consist only of affiliate texts, product images and affiliate links. Often any wording that does exist was simply taken from the Amazon website, without writing any new and original content.

To take product information or images for your article is fine, but is that enough?

Certainly not. The people who set up and manage such websites as we have described will not get any visitors and more importantly no revenue. Therefore writing your own unique content is very important.

Why you need new content on a regular basis?

There are a number of reasons that show why it is important to regularly post new content:

Google is looking for new, unique content

Google is for most bloggers and website owners the number one source of natural organic traffic. The majority of your visitors will come from getting found in this search engine. But now Google has become quite picky about which sites are displayed in the search engine at the forefront.^

It is therefore important to not only have good and unique content, but also always new content. This is one of the main reasons why you should regularly post new articles.

Why write new content rankingThe more content, the more ranking options

It is also not enough to be found for a handful of keywords. Usually one does not rank for the first search result position for a single keyword, so it is important to try and rank for larger numbers of keywords.

The recipe for success of many blogs is therefore to have as many first page rankings as possible for multiple keywords. This ensures that a lot of visitors come to your own website and good revenue can be obtained in this way. In order to create this range-enhancing, it is necessary to have a lot of products on your site, which is why you should publish new content regularly.

More options to implement Affiliate Links

If you are regularly post new content, you build on not only the range of topics to the site, you also ensure more opportunities for affiliate links to be installed.

If you have hundreds of products with affiliate links, you can usually look forward to many daily commissions. You do have to also include informational articles as well to give a nice balance of content to your website.

Social Media Shares

Facebook and Co. have become increasingly important in recent years, especially for bloggers. New content offers you the possibility to publish links to the various social networks and get more attention, backlinks and more traffic in this way.

The person who does not publish new content, usually does not matter much in the social networks.

Confidence among readers

You should not underestimate the psychological effect. Readers on your site that find many articles on the subject that interest them, are more likely to build confidence in your website.

And confidence is important because only if the visitors trust your website will they click on the buy recommendations in the form of Affiliate links and order something.

Improve yourself

Finally, regular blogging helps yourself to get better. It will be better when writing and accumulated a lot of new know-how. This naturally helps in turn to further build your own website or blog, and also also helps new projects.

How often do i have to write new content?

There is no generally absolute valid statement. It almost always comes down to the amount of time that you have to write articles. If you run a blog in your free time after work, you will clearly invest less time than someone who works part-time on it.

If you want to make this a primary source of income then the more time you can spend the bigger chance you have of achieving that. As a general guideline one can say that one should publish a new article or a different type of content at least once a week.

Tip: When you write multiple items at a time, it makes it easier and it is faster because one has usually researched the subject.

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