Part 03: Why Start Blogging

Part 03: Why Start Blogging

There really are a whole range of reasons why people start up a website/blog. They do however break down into three general categories which are:

  • Meaningful activity
  • People Interaction
  • Making Money

When I refer to blogging in this article I am speaking to a single person or perhaps a small business or even a small group of people who want to create a website/blog. Large businesses will hire professionals to build their website to match the vision, mission and strategy of their company.

With that in mind let’s look closer at why people would consider setting up their own blog.

Meaningful Activity

This is almost always when a person or group of people want to create something that they perceive to be of value. Those involved in communities such as schools, sports, charities, personal causes, religion etc want to get their message out to the world.

Over the years I have helped people set up websites to raise money for a particular cause or person. These people are motivated as they want to help or promote a particular cause. A lot of this type of activity has moved to Facebook pages and Groups but many people still prefer to have a website/blog. That tends to make it more official and trusted.

Interact with People.

There are also people who simply want to interact with other people. A close friend of mine is a huge fan of horror style books and he loves to read those and then read reviews. His drive behind this is to share his thoughts with the world.

Other people may want to share political opinion, share their music, poetry or whatever passion it is that they enjoy. They simply want to be heard and want others to read what they have to say.

My own first blog was of that very nature. I have always had an interest in the history of Northern Ireland, but schools made it really dull and boring. I wanted people to really understand it so I made my own blog

There are many reasons why bloggers want to interact with other people about something.

Making Money Online

The most popular reason of all why people start a website/blog though is to be able to make money online. There are quite literally millions of searches for “make money online” every single month.

Their reasons for this vary but many different types of people want to start some form of online business that will make them money. For some it is out of simple desperation, others are at home and have the time to do so, some work and want to leave the 9-5 rat race, and some just want to get rich.

Each person wanting to make money online will be driven by something inside. Again there are many emotional reasons for going down this route. Some want to prove they can be successful, others want to get involved in the technical challenge, others have witnessed others succeeding online.

The main reason though is that people want to leave the daily grind and be able to make money working from home. (Often referred to as “Hate Your Boss.)

Why start blogging moneyHow To Make Money

There are many ways of doing this which I will cover later. It is suffice for now to understand that it varies a great deal. A person might enjoy craft work and want to sell their products online. A small business owner may clean PVC and want to advertise their services online.

Others perhaps want to write books and sell those. Those are just a few basic reasons and there are many ways to monetise a website or blog. In my own case that is an Amazon Affiliate where I build websites that contain information and product reviews. If people click on certain links within that website, they are taken to Amazon.

If they buy a product then Amazon will pay me a commission for referring that sale.

However my reason for having a blog is to make money as I am semi-retired. As such I have time on my hands and I love working online. By combining those I can also earn money, and it is that which motivates and drives me. It is called circumstances and no two peoples circumstances will be the same.

Now although making money is my key driver, it also helps that I like to write about things I enjoy, and I also enjoy learning about the technical components of planning and building a website.

I will be building an Amazon Affiliate website in this case study to show you why and how it is done from beginning to end. It will be

It is about coffee grinders which I love using and know quite a lot about.


So in conclusion people start blogging for a huge variety of reasons. There is however always a trigger that makes the person decide, “I am going to give this a try.” For some that could be a cause or a passion that they have.

For others it could be to help promote a business idea. Many bloggers simply blog because they want to share their thoughts and passions with the world. I read one recently about a chap who visited 50 countries and captured that in words, images and videos. He shared that on his blog and people loved his unique approach.

The main reason though why people start blogging is about making money online. When most people start they are never quite sure how that can be achieved so they look it up online and head off on their journey.

I will show you one way, and it is a great opportunity, but there are many others which I will cover in the next section.

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