How To Use Amazon SiteStripe

There are a variety of different advertisement options within the Amazon Associates Program. These ads can be individual text links, banner links and widgets, and they can be quickly and easily created by SiteStripe for use on your website.


  • How to enable SiteStripe and use its features
  • How to use SiteStripe to create text and image links, or special links which combine text, images, product info and more
  • How to share these links and add them to your website

What is SiteStripe?

SiteStripe is a toolbar. This will be displayed on the homepage. As a participant of the associate program, a SiteStripe notification toolbar will appear at the top of the homepage. On that toolbar, you will see a ‘Get Link’ option – use this to quickly create a text link, an image link, or a text and image link.

Choose the type of link you want – an appropriate short link or long link will be created, which you can then use on your website. With SiteStripe, you can select any of your Tracking IDs and Associate Links directly from the homepage – with no need to visit the Amazon Associates site.

The SiteStripe toolbar enables you to create an Associate Link to every page within a few seconds, and even share it on Facebook or Twitter at the same time. Plus, you can use SiteStripe to access the important functions of the Amazon Associates site without having to log in.

You can customise SiteStripe to suit your individual needs, even completely hiding it from the homepage.

What features does SiteStripe offer?

You can use SiteStripe to access the following features within each Amazon store page:

Get Link: Text

amazon sitestripe text

Click the ‘Text’ icon on SiteStripe to create a HTML code for a text link, no matter what Amazon site page you’re on. Note that a text link to a product can only be created when you are on the product page on You can create long or short links, and place them in your website via the text editor.

Your Tracking ID is automatically integrated into the link. If you have several Tracking IDs, you can choose between them via a drop-down menu.

Get Link: Image

amazon sitestripe image

Click on ‘Image’ in the SiteStripe widget to create an HTML code for an image link. Again, you must be on a product page, and you can choose one of three image sizes.

The most-recently-used Tracking ID is inserted into the link, but you can also choose another Tracking ID from the drop-down menu.

Get Link: Text + Image

amazon sitestripe text image

Clicking on ‘Text+Image’ in the widget on a specific product page creates the HTML code for a Link Box with the name, picture and current price of the product. The Amazon logo and a ‘Buy’ button is integrated into this box, and the most recent Tracking ID is automatically inserted into the link – as before, a different tracking ID can be selected from the drop-down menu.

Next, copy and paste the created link into your website.


amazon sitestripe share

Click on the Facebook or Twitter buttons on the SiteStripe widget to directly share links on Twitter and Facebook using your own accounts. You can add individual text for the post.


amazon sitestripe earnings

Click this for access to the Reports Centre within the Amazon Associates Program.


amazon sitestripe help

Click here for SiteStripe Help.


amazon sitestripe einstellungen

Click here for SiteStripe settings.

How do I enable SiteStripe?

You must be registered in the Amazon Associates Program to activate SiteStripe and display it on the shop page. SiteStripe appears automatically at the top of every shop page. If you can’t see it, re-enter your registration data in the Amazon Associates Program and then re-visit the website.

Still no SiteStripe?

Log in to the Amazon Associates website. Click on My Account > SiteStripe Options. A green ‘ON’ should be displayed under the ‘Display Options’ menu item. If this is ‘OFF’, enable SiteStripe via this activation button.

How can I make settings and adjustments for SiteStripe?

Just click SiteStripe at the far right of the Settings icon and then click SiteStripe Options to amend the settings for SiteStripe. You can also access the SiteStripe options by clicking on My Account > SiteStripe Options within the Amazon Associates Program.

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