Part 02: What Is A Blog and What Does A Blogger Do?

Part 02: What Is A Blog and What Does A Blogger Do?

To build a good quality Amazon Affiliate website it is a good idea to understand some of the terminology associated with websites. In particular it is good to know the difference between a “Blog” and a “Website.”

The term blog gets its name from the phrase “web logs.” That was an old phrase used when people kept personal diaries or journals online. That term was then shortened to Blog. Likewise a “Vlog” used to be called a Video Log.

What does blogger do difference blog websiteWhat Is A Blog?

A blog is a series of articles usually called “posts.” They are almost always organised in a chronological date order. Many blog owners, known as “Bloggers” prefer to place their posts into categories. This can make it easier for the visitors to their blog to find various articles on a particular subject.

Typical blog topics would be on travel, current news, trends, fashions, health & beauty etc. A blog is slightly different in structure to a website which I have described below. The main difference is that the content on a blog constanly changes.

What Is A Website?

A website is a collection of web pages. These pages are not organised by date and many of the pages have content on them that will not change a lot over time.

Businesses use websites to either show case their products and services or to sell their products and services. If there is a shopping cart, then this is referred to as an eCommerce website.

There are other types of websites like auction sites such as eBay. There are also Government information websites, community style websites and membership websites.

Should You Build A Website or A Blog?

If you are considering becoming an Amazon Affiliate partner then in my opinion you should build a website that also has a blog included. That way you get the best of both worlds.

Many Internet Marketers agree that the best practise in today’s social world it is best to build a website that also has a blog included.

There will be some pages which seldom change such as the “About” and “Contact” page along with any legal pages such as “Privacy Policy,” “Terms of Service,” “Disclaimer” etc.

Other pages that may not change very much would include buying guides, reviews of products items of this nature. These pages are termed in the industry as “static” pages. In simple terms these are pieces of content that are published on a website and will seldom or never change.

By then including a blog on the website, the owner of the site can then keep their visitors informed, of the latest news about their business, or the latest news in the industry.

The articles they write and publish on their blog (usually called posts) can then also be shared on Social Media such as Twitter and Facebook.

Special Features of A Blog

Some people refer to these combined pages and a blog as a hybrid website. For anyone considering building a website this would be my recommended approach. In today’s world of Social Media people look at content in many different formats, from various places, and on many different devices. (PC, Mac, Tablet, Smartphone)

Some people like to read, some like to listen and some prefer to watch videos to digest content. People also “hang out” in different places. Many use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube to find what they are looking for.

Anyone building a website should be keeping their blog up to date and sharing their work on these important social websites.

A blog also allows the website owner to place their content into relevant categories. If for example we consider the website of a photographer, they could show their work in categories like Portraits, Landscapes, Wedding, Family etc This makes it easier for visitors to find relevant articles when visiting the website.

What does blogger doWhat Is A Blogger?

So as an Amazon Affiliate you should consider yourself as a blogger. Most bloggers like to interact with their readers and you will usually find that at the end of each post, there will be a comment area, where visitors can write and share their own thoughts. You will also find various Social Network buttons such as Facebook and Twitter, where visitors can share this information.

Many of the bigger websites will have teams of people working to keep their website up to date. A blogger working on their own could not build these larger types of fashion or news blogs. They can however build a website with a blog on their own passion, hobby or interest.

A good blogger will write regularly on their blog and keep their site updated with the latest information. So it is always a very good idea to have a real interest and knowledge in a particular area, if you are thinking about building a website or blog.

Most beginners when starting out seldom realise that a really good blogger will be updating their blog regularly. That involves a lot of writing and that of course involves research, developing an opinion, and then publishing that content on the website.

Good bloggers will never allow their content to go stagnate. They will update it when things in their market or industry change, and all in an effort to keep their visitors well informed. Remember, if visitors do not like what they see, they will hit the back button on their browser and go and find it somewhere else.

Mindset of Visitors

If you are considering becoming an Amazon Affiliate then it is important to try and understand the mindset of your visitors. They basically want to find out one of two things:

  1. I have a problem and need a solution
  2. I have a question and need an answer

What does blogger do blogThat can apply to almost any topic in the world. As an example of this, please consider the following phrase that someone could type into Google.

“How do you drill through glass?”

That person has a problem, and I use the word problem as a general guideline. They want to know how to drill through glass, most likely without breaking it.

They have asked a question and need an answer. You could write an article explaining how to do this. Likewise a searcher could type in:

“What is the best drill bit for drilling glass?”

In this case this is a problem and needs a solution. You could write a product review on the best drill bit to use for glass.

A good blogger understands their visitors and will build a website with a blog included to help solve problems and answer questions.

Article by Robert Nösel

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