What kind of images can be used and how to use them?

What kind of images can be used and how to use them?

At the beginning of the article I have to point out that I am not a lawyer and therefore reflect my experiences and own approach with the following statements. Anyone who has specific questions or problems in this regard, should consult a UK lawyer who specialises in online legal matters.

It is often said that a “picture is worth a thousand words”. So although written work is essential, photos and pictures can improve an article significantly.

Images help convey the content and capture the readers attention a lot more easily.

In addition, images can also help with marketing, as it attracts more visitors from the social networks.878

The most important at a glance

  • Legal pitfalls in the use of pictures and photos
  • Tips for using photos in your own blog

Caution copyright

But one thing stands in the way of the free use of images and pictures: copyright. Each picture has a copyright, and you need agreement to use them.

Failure to observe this can lead to serious legal implications. Many warnings, fines and other legal writs have been issued against people and companies in the UK with reference to the use of unauthorised images.

It is therefore important to respect the copyright and to pay close attention to how that image may be used, if in fact, it can be used at all.

Relatively reliable sources photos

Among the relatively safe images sources that you can use include the following:

Your Own Pictures

If you want to use your own photos then they can be used on your website as you own the image. The only time you can not use these is if certain individuals show up in the foreground, then you need their permission, to use that image. You can also not misrepresent an image that you have taken.

The laws in countries with reference to the use of images vary a lot which is why you should always check the attribution of images. For example photographs of the Eiffel Tower in France is allowed, but not the distribution or commercial use of the photos.

Made Your Own Graphics

An alternative is to design Text / Image Graphics yourself. So this is not about photos. As with photos you should ensure here that the used graphic elements are not subject to copyright.


Normal screenshots are mostly harmless. However, no person or artistic works should be clearly visible.

Stock Photos

If you do not have images of your own, which will always be the safest free method, then you can purchase stock images from professional photo agencies online. They have thousands of high quality photos that usually cost relatively little money.

In some circumstances you may not always find something suitable and it does cost money. In addition, one should note the labeling requirements.

Manufacturer photos

On certain products, manufacturers offer photos and as part of an affiliate programme, then that’s no problem. If you decide to copy directly from the manufacturer’s website, then you should get from the company written permission.

Google Image Search

In no circumstances should you simply copy images from the Google Image search and use on your own website.

Other blogs and websites

You may find images on other blogs and websites You should not try to be “poaching those.” If you want to use those then seek permission from the website operator.

Flickr and Photo Sharing Websites.

You should be careful with images from Flickr and other photo sharing sites. Here one should look exactly under what license the images were published and stick to it. Almost always some type of attribution will be required.

Free image databases

There are a few popular online databases with allegedly freely usable images and photos. Unfortunately, there are also some scammers who adjust images or photos there, only to later send warnings to all who use these images. I know, for example, a few cases where it was at the free images database Pixelio way.

On the safe side

If you adhere to the notices of licensed images, and mainly use your own pictures / photos and ask for permission for unique photos if required, then you are on the safe side. However, one must also say here that there is no 100% security. The law in this area is complex.

Use images

What do you do now with these photos and images?

They can be used to “Set as a Mood image” to give a certain mood or theme for your page.

Images can be very useful when trying to explain something that is complex. They are also very useful to highlight a particular point and help draw the visitor’s attention to something important. This is especially important for the social websites , where often only the image can be seen or perceived.

However, you should optimise photos before inserting them on your website. Their file size should be as small as possible so that they load quickly.

In addition, you can also use Open Graph information for certain images, for example, highlight for Facebook.

Very important are the basic SEO settings for photos. The filename should contain the main keyword and you should use the ‘Title’- and’ alt ‘attributes.

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