Time Saving Tips for Fashion Bloggers

If you’re anything like me – some days just get away from you.

The hours can fly by and you don’t always have a full-days worth of work to show for it. With so much social media and a constant news stream, it’s easy to get sidetracked. But with a few simple changes to your daily habits and tools, you can become more productive with your time. Try out a few of these strategies to see what becomes most effective for your workday.

1. Make software your friend

Automation does not have to be intimidating. There are simple automation tools, tailored to the masses, which can drastically change and improve your workflow. From tasks like automatically saving email attachments to your Dropbox folders, organizing your camera uploads into folders by dates, or cross-promoting your blog across profiles – there are numerous ways to save time throughout your day by setting up some basic rules. By using software like IFTTT or Hazel, you can automate redundant tasks to gain more hours in your day.

2. Work in batches

I find that if I can get into a flow with a particular set of tasks, I can be more productive and get more done. Set aside time to write a week’s worth of blog posts and then use WordPress’s built-in scheduling tools to upload, edit, and schedule your posts after you’ve written them. By staying in the zone while writing you’re more likely to quickly crank out several posts instead of writing one, uploading it, and shifting your train of thought multiple times for one task.

3. Take your time back

One of the best ways to be productive and accomplish more is to get to work. It’s easier said than done, but it’s also much easier to lose an hour scrolling through social media sites in the name of research than to sit down and really get to work. Set a timer for yourself and allow yourself dedicated time to check in on social media sites for fun. When the timer is done, it’s time to focus and move onto the next item on your to-do list.

4. Rely on your mobile apps

Almost every program that I use on my computer while blogging has a corresponding mobile app. This allows me to edit content while commuting on the train or to send out invoices while getting lunch. These apps are powerful and let you get as much work done on the go as if you were sitting at a desk. Knowing I can access all my files and make edits as needed, anywhere I am, frees me to travel more knowing that I can be connected and on-track as soon as I need to be.

Need a place to start? Try documenting how you’re really spending your day and look to identify the tasks that are taking the most time out of it. Once you’ve identified the areas that take up the most time, you can test different productivity strategies to minimize your inefficiencies.

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