Selection of CMS, domain and hosting service.

Selection of CMS, domain and hosting service.

Before you can start writing articles, you have to create the technical basis for it. This is no longer so difficult, since there are free or low cost and relatively easy-to-use solutions. Nevertheless, one has to note a couple of things here.

CMS or static pages?

If you want to start a blog or a website you have to choose between various options. First you have to decide between a Content Management System (CMS) and a static site.

A CMS is based on a database in which you will find the content. The issue is happens much more dynamic and also content changes are done quickly and easily, without the need to touch the website code itself. If you want to change the layout, which is also quite simple.

Static pages, however, are a little faster and usually do not require database. However, subsequent changes are quite complex. Especially when the layout is to be changed.

Basically you can say that content management systems are secure and future-proof and for everyone who wants to publish content on a regular basis the better option.

Which Content Management System?

However there are many CMS and therefore you have to decide which one you prefer. There are some known solutions such as Joomla, Drupal or the widespread WordPress.

In addition, there are a number of lesser-known solutions developed for special purposes or which are simply not well known.

With WordPress is not a bad decision for beginners, because it is widespread, has many opportunities and is quite easy to use. It started as a pure blog system, but now owns a lot of functions and is therefore perfect for all possible types of websites.

The wide distribution ensures that there are a lot of tips and instructions for WordPress given on the Internet such as many help forums.

In addition, there are a lot of developers around WordPress, so that there are thousands of interesting plugins, as well as many free layouts.

But there are some disadvantages of WordPress. The biggest problem is the popularity. By this reason WordPress sites are being targeted by hackers. Therefore, you should always install the latest updates.

Chose the right domain

In the next step you need a domain like

Under this adress your blog or website will later be accessible over the internet.

When choosing a domain, there are some things to consider. The domain should fit the content of your own website or your own blog. Many Google users decide on the basis of the domain, if the content is important for them and whether they are to click on it.

But you can also follow a different path and try to build a brand. Then, the domain must have no substantive references to the website. However, it takes a long time until a domain has become the brand and is well known by the community.

Ideally, you’re looking for a domain which fits both and also can be seen later as a trade mark.

Anyone who is unsure how the domain should be, this can be derived from the blog name. Very often, it is advantageous if the name of the blog and the website shows up in the domain.

But you should keep in mind on each case that you are defining thematically with a domain. This change later is expensive and not recommended. So you should choose a domain that is currently fit, but leaves room for changes.

Regarding to the so-called Top Level Domain, where the ending matching the countries ending makes usually the most sense. So, for example, ‘’ for a UK based website.

You should leave some time with the selection of the domain in any case.

Right hosting service selectionThe right hosting

The third requirement for a website or a blog is hosting. It is a provider in which the CMS is installed and the domain is available. The provider provides server, which can be accessed on the Internet 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

To find a suitable hosting deal, you should make first familiar with the requirements of the CMS. As I said, these require a database. Most have come to other requirements.

So requires WordPress as a MySQL database from version 5 and PHP version 5.2.4. Also useful special functions can be. Due to the popularity of WordPress offer virtually all Hoster at appropriate rates.

You should remember to factor loading time, which is increasingly important for Google. Unfortunately here very cheap providers are usually not so well positioned, so that it is worth one or two euros a month to spend more.

Generally it is recommended to use a hosting provider from the country in which resides the main target group. So who wants to reach UK based readers should use a UK Hoster. If you want to operate from UK website for Australians, should use a hosting in Australia.

From my own experience I also recommend much emphasis to put on a good and fast support. This should respond in case of problems or emergencies immediately and competently.

Finally, you should make sure that the hosting plan can be changed quickly and easily. If the number of visitors increase, you do not want to make the move to a more powerful collective self. This costs time and nerves.

The future

All these decisions in advance should be carefully considered, because they allow the technical foundation for the future sets. So you should test different options and decide on the basis of these experiences.

However, it is also clear that no decision is set in stone. One can of course later change the hoster or use a different domain. However, all that is connected with work and stress.

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