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Other methods to make money with your blog

The Amazon Associates Team
The Amazon Associates Team
Last updated February 12, 2016 8 Min Read
Other methods to make money with your blog

As a partner on the Amazon Associates Program, there is proven potential for you to earn money via your affiliate-marketing blog. Yet there are many other possible sources of revenue based on your site’s specific subject matter. So, here’s a roundup of some other potential sources of income – their pros and cons and a look at how well each one harmonises with the Amazon Associates Program.


  • About generating income via your blog
  • Pors and cons of each income source
  • How to combine these with Amazon Associates

Other Affiliate Networks

Other affiliate programs are offered by individual companies, and Amazon Associates has a number of Affiliate Partner Networks, such as Affiliate Window and clixGalore.


It’s a plus that affiliate networks offer access to many other interesting products and services to include on your website. You may also find some of the commissions are very good.

However, it is often the case that small online stores offering an Affiliate Program have much lower levels of buyer confidence than Amazon.


Terms of partnership are usually similar to the Amazon Associates Program but, of course, check each individual Affiliate programs requirements thoroughly. It may make business sense for you to use other partner programs together with Amazon, especially when they offer specialist products or services Amazon does not.

Google AdSense


Google AdSense is Google’s long-established advertising network. Its advertisements adapt themselves to your site based on the nature of your content. A remuneration is earned when a visitor clicks on these ads.


Very simple installation, no maintenance and good earning potential. A single click may potentially earn you £1 or more.

Making the most of AdSense will require maintenance. It works the best if you optimise the position, colour and size of ads. In many cases, adverts only earn a few pence per click.


To earn with Google AdSense, you need a topic which has a good click-through compensation, and a lot of visitors. For very expensive keywords, it may be worthwhile to use AdSense. There needs to be a balance of Affiliate Links and AdSense adverts to maximise earning potential, but beware of having too many adverts on your website and putting off visitors.


Traditional banner ads are on the decline. Nevertheless, you can earn worthwhile returns by directly cooperating with companies interested in displaying their banner on your website.


Once installed, these banners earn you money without any further work required. In a very precise target group – ie, a blog audience – there’s a good chance of finding suitable advertising partners.

You’ll need to give up advertising space in the most visible area of your website. The networks who offer these ads are often remunerated in only pennies per 1,000 impressions.


Worth considering if you have a lot of traffic, a very homogeneous readership and good contacts with suitable companies. However, often, your Affiliate Links will earn you more than the advertising.

Link Sales

People may pay you to include a link from your website to their website. These offers often come from link buyers, who are trying to improve their rankings in Google.


This can be a very lucrative source of income, which takes little labour and takes up little space in your blog or website.

However, Amazon doesn’t recommend this, as Google will penalise your websites if it discovers you’re selling or renting links.


Link selling or renting works can be potentially lucrative, even with small sites. But the risk is also very high. If you already have a good working affiliate website that earns good Amazon revenue, the risk is simply not worth taking, so don’t be tempted by these offers.

Paid Articles

When you become an established online presence or authority in a subject, you can look into writing articles for companies, in return for a one-off payment. You can also pay for written articles to attract visitors to your site.


If you enjoy writing, this is a way to get paid to do it. Writing authoritative articles for companies will increase your own status, which in turn can be further monetised on your own site.

Many offers of this nature are made solely to secure ‘backlinks’. These are frowned upon nowadays and can in some instances, backlinking can carry a similar risk of being penalised, as with the sales links discussed above.


Paid items are relatively easy to obtain, even for a small site. Often, however, the topic of your website may be too specialised to find a writer knowledgeable enough to write the articles. You can combine paid-for articles with Affiliate Links.

Your Own Digital Products

Finally, you could sell your own digital products. These could be eBooks, seminars, webinars, apps, plug-ins or similar.


Your own products can be unique and can generate very good money. They also help make you less dependent on external sources of income.

However, creating your own product is often very complicated and you have to market it well.


To succeed with your own digital products, it will help to have high traffic and many contacts and have earned a reputation among your target audience. These sources of income can usually be combined very well with the Amazon Associates Program – especially an eBook with Amazon Affiliate Links installed.

Combining Sources Of Income Is A Winning Stratgey

Combining different sources of income will often help you earn more, since different visitors react to different things. More revenue sources means more choice, which often means more clicks. It’s important to test and to measure the results from adding additional income sources. Before/after comparisons or A/B testing is important to find out what works for your site. Also, see if you witness a decrease in the revenue of a source of income if another is installed.

All this is an ongoing process, since revenue streams change and some work only with specific level of traffic. Search the plug-ins section of WordPress for plug-ins to help you install or replace sources of income quickly and simply, and to help you track your income. For many bloggers and site owners, only using links to the Amazon Associates Program means less maintenance; and for some, other sources of income simply don’t work –  too many sources of income can discourage visitors.


Nevertheless, every now and then, you could experiment with adding other income sources to see if they work for you. It may be worth the extra work in the long run.