Other methods to make money with your blog

Other methods to make money with your blog

Affiliate marketing is a very important source of income. As a partner on the Amazon Associates Programme you can earn very good money.

But affiliate marketing is not everything. There are a number of other sources of revenue that can be a good supplement or sometimes even more suitable, for your particular website topic.

The most important at a glance

  • overview of other sources of income for blogs and websites
  • advantages and disadvantages and tips for combination with Amazon Associates Programme

What other sources of income are there?

Below I present some other sources of income and examine their advantages and disadvantages. There are also comments on how well they harmonise with the Amazon Associates Programme.

Other Affiliate Networks

In addition to the Amazon Associates Programme there are countless other affiliate programmes that are offered by individual companies. There are also a number of Affiliate Partner Newtorks such as http://www.affiliatewindow.com/uk/ and https://www.clixgalore.co.uk/

Advantages and disadvantages:

The advantages are that there are many other interesting products and services that you can view and include on your website. There is almost nothing that does not exist. In addition, it reduces the risk, if you bet on different affiliate programmes and not only on one.

You may also find that with some of these, the commissions are very good. However, it is often the case that small online stores that offer an affiliate programme, by no means have the buyer confidence that has Amazon.


There are usually no other conditions on these and would be similar to the Amazon Affiliate Programme. You do need to check though for each individual programme.

Combined with Amazon Amazon Affiliate Programme

It may make sense to use other partner programmes simultaneously with Amazon. That is especially true when there are other products or services not offered by Amazon.

Google AdSense

Google AdSense is an advertising network of Google, which is very easy to install. The advertisements adapt themselves to the site based on the nature of your content, so that you do not have to worry about anything else in this regard. A remuneration is earned when a visitor clicks on these ads.

Advantages and disadvantages of Adsense:

Very simple installation, no maintenance and a good earning potential. There are many issues where a single click brings £1 or more. However, AdSense works the best when some effort is put into optimising the ads (position, size, colour …). In many cases some adverts only earn a few pence per click.


To earn with Google AdSense good money, you need the right topic, which has a good click through compensation. In addition, you need a lot of visitors.

Combined with Amazon Affiliate Programme

For very expensive keywords it may be worthwhile to engage AdSense. There needs to be a balance of affiliate links and Adsense adverts to optimise the earning potential. You also do not want too many adverts on your website that some visitors do not like.


Traditional banner ads are on the decline. Nevertheless, you can earn good money in direct cooperation with a company who may be interested in displaying their banner on your website.

Advantages and disadvantages:

Once installed, these banners earn you money money without having to do anything. In a very precise target group chances are often quite good to find advertising partners.

The networks who offer these are often remunerated only pennies per 1,000 impressions and rarely provide an occupancy rate of 100%.


It takes quite a lot of traffic, a very homogeneous readership and good contacts with these companies. In addition, you need to give up room to an advertising space in the most visible area of ​​your website.

Combined with Amazon Affiliate Programme

This can work well, but often your affiliate links will earn you more than the advertising.

Link Sales

People may pay you to include a link from your website to their website. These are link buyers who are trying to improve their rankings in Google.

Advantages and disadvantages:

This can be a very lucrative source of income, which takes little labour and takes up little space in your blog or website. However, Google will penalise your websites if they discover you are selling or renting links.


Link selling or renting works very well even with small sites.

Combined with Amazon Associates Programme

Link sales and rental is indeed lucrative, but the risk is also very high. If you have a good working affiliate website that earns good Amazon revenue, the risk is simply not worth taking.

Paid Articles

When you become established you may get writing jobs for companies. In return, you get a one-off payment.

Advantages and disadvantages:

If you enjoy writing then this one way to get paid for your writing. Many of the offers though are also to get backlinks. There is a similar risk as the sales link.

In rare cases you may get write requests with a “nofollow link,” which in Google’s eyes is Okay. A disadvantage is also that there are usually only a one-time payment.


Paid items are relatively easy to obtain, even for small site. Often, however, the topic of your website may not be suitable

Combined with Amazon Associates Programme:

It is usually not a big problem to combine the items paid with the Amazon links, even if no affiliate links are allowed directly in the paid articles generally.

My Digital Products

Finally, you could sell your own products. This is often digital products such as eBooks, seminars, webinars, plugins or similar.

Advantages and disadvantages:

Own products are mostly unique and can generate very good money. They also help make you less dependent on external sources of income. However, creating your own product is often very complicated and you have to market it well.


In order to succeed with your own product, you usually need many contacts and a certain reputation in the target group.

Combined with Amazon Associate Programme:

These sources of income can usually be combined very well, especially an eBook with Amazon Affiliate Links installed.

Use other sources of income

You can combine different sources of income very well and earn more. The reason is that different visitors react to different things.

In addition, some variety and experience has shown that more revenue sources often also provide for more clicks.

But it is important to test these and to measure the results. Before / After Comparisons or better split-testing is important to find out what works better.

One should further examine whether there is cannibalisation happening. So do you experience a decrease in the revenue of a source of income, if another is installed in addition?

All this is an ongoing process, since the revenue streams can change and some, for example, work only with certain traffic numbers.

Therefore it is generally good to use specific plugins (eg https://wordpress.org/plugins/simple-ads-manager/) in order to install or replace sources of income quickly and simply on the entire website.

Should we put only links to the Amazon Associates website?

Of course, it takes effort to find and use other sources of income. However, using only links to the Amazon Associates Programme, means less maintenance.

In practice, it has also shown that it is useful in some sites is just to sit on the Amazon Associates Programme, as other sources of income simply do not work so well. Too many sources of income can discourage visitors.

Nevertheless, you should test every now and then, whether through additional sources of revenue, if the revenues increase, otherwise you do not know if you give away money.


The revenues of your own website can be increased by using other sources of income. They need to be placed on the website and tested though to find out, and that requires more effort, testing and maintenance.

Article by Stephanie Schuricht

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