Beyond Fashion And Makeup – Meet Five Bloggers With An Important Message

The most successful bloggers have the power to influence their followers to buy a new lipstick or Instagram-friendly coffee: but what if that same logic could be applied to different issues? It’s an important time in society, and influencers who are using their platforms wisely can change opinion and help make lasting change for the better.

It could be something as simple as discussing a health issue and how it affects everyday living, or creating more in-depth think-pieces about intersectional feminism, politics or body positivity. Sharing your own stories will help to reassure your audience if they’re going through the same thing as you – or may make them aware of a realm of experience that’s different to their own.

If you don’t feel comfortable attempting this, then you can start off gradually.

Beyond Fashion And Makeup

Find your voice and register your interest in a topic that’s personal to you, through retweets or by carrying out and posting interviews to gain more knowledge on the subject. Progress happens incrementally, and the more influencers who start discussing challenging topics, the less daunting it will seem to join the conversation. With this in mind, here are five inspirational bloggers who stand up for what they believe in and raise awareness of important issues.

1. Callie Thorpe

With many High Street stores still failing to cater to sizes bigger than a 16, Callie’s voice is an important one that educates and encourages us to be kinder. She’s honest about her own experiences as a plus-size bride (her wedding pictures went viral in 2016) and her blog emphasises that you don’t have to change your body to fit in with mainstream beauty standards – you’re fine as you are.

This year, Callie has worked with Nike, Molton Brown and Spotify, plus she consults for fashion brands behind the scenes.

2. Girl Vs Cancer 

Lauren Mahon is a social-media whizz who was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 31. After the initial shock, she decided to channel her energy into raising awareness within a demographic that often feels invincible. She started selling charity T-shirts via Girl vs Cancer, featuring humorous slogans and cheeky illustrations. Earlier this year, she launched a successful BBC podcast alongside Rachael Bland and Deborah James that helps to demystify the disease.
With her honest captions and Instagram Stories, she’s opening a dialogue and encouraging a generation to be more breast-aware.

3. On A Curve

Valerie Eguavoen launched the @YouBelongNow Instagram feed after noticing that a prominent fashion brand failed to include any darker skinned or plus-size women on an influencer trip. She voiced her opinions on her own blog and launched a separate platform, On A Curve to highlight diversity and stand up for those who are overlooked because of their race, ethnicity, religion, gender, age or size.

She’s since been featured by Forbes, Refinery 29 and Vogue and hopes to empower other content creators to make their voices heard.

4. A Considered Life

Ever wondered where to start when it comes to living a plastic-free life, or introducing more vegan dishes into your diet? Step forward Sophie, from A Considered Life. She’s been blogging on subjects such as these for over five years ,and her message is to encourage others to be happier with less.

It can often seem overwhelming to completely change our habits, so Sophie shares practical ways to make gradual changes. The tone of her blog is non-judgemental and she admits that she’s still figuring things out when it comes to finding zero-waste bathroom products, for example. Recent posts highlight sustainable fashion brands and hard-to-find items, such as 100% biodegradable cotton buds.

5. Mama Cāx

Meet the Haitian-American blogger who’s happy to stand out and switch the design of her prosthetic leg to match different outfits. Mama Cāx’s story is a unique one, as she was diagnosed with bone and lung cancer at the age of 14, given three weeks to live and had her right leg amputated. As she’s grown in confidence, she now uses social media to “dismantle the image of what people with disabilities should look like” and shares her travels around the world.

Not only has she modelled for the likes of ASOS, River Island and on the runway at New York Fashion Week, but she also has a master’s degree in International Relations and works as a motivational speaker. She makes sure to educate brands if their premises aren’t accessible, and includes image descriptions in her captions for the visually impaired.

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