Influencers: Why You Should Be Equally Excited to Promote Bounties and Products

We designed the Amazon Influencer experience to be a fast and fun way to share your favourite products with your followers. We hope you’re loving the simplicity of having one URL and one central location – your storefront – for housing all your picks and lists! And, in case you missed it: you can add bounties to your storefront now, too.

Not exactly in a groove with bounties yet? Not entirely convinced they have a place in your associates plan? Take heart: this article will get you fully on board with this whole other category of offers you’ll be excited to share with your audience. Below are three reasons you should be thinking about promoting bounties.

(Need a refresher on bounty basics? That’s here.)

1. Bounties Are Not Just Deals and Discounts

If you’re thinking of bounties as only short-term sales and limited-time offers, you may be worried that promoting them will feel too ‘sales-y’. That’s understandable – the beauty of sharing your tried-and-true product recommendations is that it eliminates any pretence you might otherwise be wary of with promotional activities. It’s authentic! So comparatively, the idea of sharing bounties may sound like it would come off as overly commercial.

But there’s a lot more to bounties than discounts. Sometimes ‘bounty’ just means ‘the fee you earn from sharing a favourite program or service’ – much like with products. Think Audible. Think Prime. Think Amazon Music. These are all offers on which you can earn bounties. Suggesting that your followers try one of these services is… promoting bounties. See? It doesn’t have to be overly commercial.

2. Bounties Are Much-Appreciated In Key Shopping Moments

On the flip side, there are times when sharing the deal-based bounties will feel (and be) entirely sincere. These are: 1) big shopping days, and 2) when there are new bounties available in your usual promotion categories.

In major shopping moments (eg, holidays, Black Friday, etc), most people are already in shopping mode. You probably are, too! So it’s perfectly authentic and appropriate for you to hook your followers up with bounty promotions on these days. Everyone’s got buying on the brain, and it’ll feel totally natural for you to share great deals and sales.

Likewise, it’ll also feel natural to announce discounts and special offers when they’re happening in product categories you regularly promote anyway. Let’s say you’re always sharing book recommendations: when a new Kindle Store bounty launches, of course you’ll be eager to share it! And it won’t feel pushy or marketing-y at all; it’ll feel right in line with your usual content.

3. Bounties Can Bring In Serious Commissions

It kind of goes without saying, but it’s significant enough to spell out: bounty promotions can be a meaningful source of additional associates earnings – if you make them a meaningful part of your strategy. The advertising fees are generous, and new promotions are added daily: there’s big potential for a big commissions boost! If you still weren’t excited, get excited.

4. Bonus: Bounties Are Must-Shares For Certain Brands

For Influencers in certain niches, bounty promotions should be as standard as any other post. Folks in beauty, fashion – any brand that celebrates the joy of shopping for and scoring great products, really – should absolutely be keeping their followers abreast of what’s new and hot in bounties. It’s on-brand!

Excited about bounties now? We thought so. Your fans surely will be, too. Get started today: browse available bounties.

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