How To Use The Amazon Link Builder Plug-in

The Amazon Associates Link Builder WordPress plug-in can help you integrate Amazon products into your site in an easy and attractive way, with just a few clicks. Here’s how it’s done

The Amazon Associates Link Builder is a free, official WordPress plug-in. It’s designed to make it easy for Amazon Associates members to search for Amazon products you wish to include on your site, and to link directly to them – all with just a few clicks, and without having to leave your WordPress Editor. Using the Amazon Associates Link Builder means you don’t have to manually integrate important product information, such as product names, descriptions and preview images.

Instead, the Link Builder plug-in generates shortcodes, which you use to select Amazon product data in different display formats and then output on your own website. We’ll run through Link Builder’s features and show some examples of how Associates have used it to enhance their sites below.

Link Builder – Features

So, as a member of the Amazon Associates program, you want to show Amazon products on your website. There are various templates within Link Builder to do this, for various tasks – a price link, a product box, a product carousel and a display of several products in a grid view are the options available to you. In addition to these standard templates, you can also create and use your own templates.

For this, though, basic HTML and CSS programming will be required. After selecting a template, its shortcode can then be automatically inserted into the text field of your WordPress Editor. The Shortcode also automatically includes the tracking ID of the website participating in the Associates Program. The plug-in also accesses the Amazon Product Advertising API in real-time, and provides up-to-the-minute information on product images, prices and the availability of the respective products via this interface.

The Amazon Associates Link Builder plug-in at-a-glance:

  • Search for Amazon products from the WordPress Editor
  • Geo-Targeted links in all templates
  • Display up-to-date product information of advertised products on your website
  • Easily integrate various Affiliate Links via Shortcodesλ Ready-made or custom templates can be used
  • Choose between responsive design for your product boxes or fixed, custom display sizes
  • Control each user’s access by setting User Roles in WordPress

Link Builder – Examples

The Amazon Associates Link Builder plug-in is suitable for every website which features products, and using it will help streamline your workflow and increase revenue from your site. The following are examples of Amazon Associates sites that have used the Amazon Associates Link Builder to integrate product info:

1. Vivir Sin Ansiedad

Link Builder Examples Vivir

This Spanish website entitled ‘Living Without Anxiety’ provides helpful content to recognise symptoms of anxiety, overcome them, and lead a life without fear. In addition, the author presents various books for self-help. With a text link in the product review of each book, as well as a visually appealing product box, the books are advertised on the website using the Amazon Link Builder plug-in. This page shows how the link has been integrated using Link builder.

2. Best Radios

Link Builder Examples Bestradios

Best Radios is the site of radio enthusiast Laurence Smith, covering advice and reviews for DAB, Internet, FM/AM radios and other related products. At the beginning of his product reviews, Laurence often creates a price and text link using the Amazon Associates Link Builder and advertises a product carousel at the end of the article.

The current price link is located directly in front of the textlink; while the product carousel shows the interested reader possible alternative purchases at the end of the article. Take a look at Laurence’s website.

3. Boxnip

Link Builder Examples Boxnip

This blog covers subscription boxes alongside beauty and lifestyle products. Illustrated product images, as well as various reports and tips, are embellished with subtly added text links, created with the Amazon Link Builder plug-in. Take a look at the Boxnip site.

4. Have Camera Will Travel

Link Builder Examples Havecamera

On David Coleman’s successful website, you can get useful information on travel and on all topics related to photography and equipment. Extensive tests, reviews and travel reports are available here, each of which has been marked with the product boxes using the Amazon Associates Link Builder. In contrast to the Vivir Sin Ansiedad website in our first example, the product boxes are used in different sizes. Take a look at an example review.

5. Vlipa

Link Builder Examples Vlipa

This Spanish website is a wide-ranging lifestyle blog, covering topics ranging from babies to cars, sports, cooking and electronics. In addition to text links, the creators of the website rely on the integration of product grids as well as product boxes. You’ll find many posts in the form of a Top 4 or Top 5 listing – these were implemented with the Link Builder plug-in.


As you’ll have seen in the above examples, the Amazon Associates Link Builder WordPress plug-in gives you plenty of options for ways to advertise Amazon products on your own website, and it can all be achieved with just a few clicks. The plug-in’s provided templates take care of most of the typical requirements of an Amazon Associates site, so fire up WordPress, install it and give it a try today.

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