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How To Pick and Promote Amazon Top Sellers as an Affiliate Marketer

Martin Trauzold
Martin Trauzold
Last updated June 7, 2019 9 Min Read
How To Pick and Promote Amazon Top Sellers as an Affiliate Marketer

Have you ever wondered how to find products that REALLY sell on Amazon? If so, keep reading.

We’ll show you:

1. How to find Amazon top sellers in a specific category

2. How to use our Tips & Tricks by Amazon Associates

3. How to promote products in your niche

In this article, we offer handy tips to boost your success as an Amazon Associate by finding the good-fit and profitable products to promote on your website or blog.

Finding Best-Selling And Trending Items for Your Topic

There are two VERY easy ways of searching for the product(s) you want to promote.

1. You can look for best-sellers of a certain type of product.

2. Find trending items in a certain product category.

Let’s break them down:

Finding the Best Sellers of a Specific Type of Product

You probably already spotted the ‘Best Seller’ label on products in your own Amazon search results.

And that’s basically it. Just search for a general product type and locate the Best Sellers. Here’s a step-by-step breakdown, using humidifiers as an example.

1) Do a search shop page search box using humidifiers as an example to search for bestsellers

2) If you don’t choose a Department, your results may be automatically filtered into the most logical one. You can also choose to show results from all Departments instead.

List of filtered amazon search results. Displayed if you don’t choose a department before

3) Now, look for the items labeled ‘Best Seller’ (note that there can be more than one)

List of amazon humidifiers search results including images. Bestseller is labeled in orange.

4) Choose whichever product(s) you want to feature, and create your affiliate link by using tools like Site Stripe.

Finding Trending Items in a Specific Product Category

Keep up with what’s hot in certain product categories:

1. Go to the Product Links page in Associates Central.

2. Scroll to the bottom to the ‘Link to Best Selling Products by Category section.

Various bestseller product boxes. Here you can link to best selling products by category section.

3. Use the dropdown ‘Filter By’ menu to select your category of interest.

4. You now have a scrollable list of best-selling items.

Now you know how to find Best Sellers. But popular products don’t have to be Best Sellers.

Also trending items or certain deals can step up your Affiliate Marketing game. To find them for each category, we’ve built a special tool called Tips & Tricks.

How to Use Tips & Tricks by Amazon Associates

Tips & Tricks is a HUGE database of links which lets you find promising products more easily.

You can browse by Best Sellers, Deals, and Trends or choose the category that suits your business most.

Amazon associates tips & tricks database category directory. Here you can find promising products more easily.

Each category offers countless links to:

  • best-rated products
  • most- wished products
  • most-gifted products
  • hot new products
  • movers & shakers
  • coupons

Furthermore, every category is divided into dozens of more specific categories that can be adapted to your niche.

Amazon associates tips & tricks database overview of important pages for category electronics.

This way, you can make sure that you promote products that sell right now.

To sum up, Tips & Tricks is like a treasure box for niche-driven Affiliate Marketers.

Finding the Right Products and Niche

Not every niche is a good one.

The key to boosting your income as an Amazon Associate is to promote the right products that work for you, your readers, and followers.

Not every niche is a good one.

How to Identify and Define Your Niche

One of the first questions that Amazon Associates face is this one: Should I create an affiliate site based on a niche that I’m passionate about? Do I choose one that earns high commissions?

There’s no definitive answer.

However, while choosing a niche, you should pick one that will hold your interest in the longer term.
Here are some additional tips when it comes to picking your topic and niche:

1. What about High-value Products in Affiliate Marketing?

As an Amazon Associate, you earn a percentage of the sales value as your commission. When you promote products that have higher selling prices, your commissions are likely to increase.

For example, if you earn 10% commission promoting a product, then you can earn £20 by selling just one product that is worth £200. On the other hand, when you promote a product worth £2, you have to get 100 of your followers to purchase this product to make the same £20 commission.

That doesn’t mean it’s not worth promoting products that cost less. You can make decent commission income from cheaper products if the sales volume is high.

Remember that the Amazon cookie that you drive from your site to Amazon stays active for 24 hours. So, you receive an affiliate commission on every product that is purchased by your readers during this period. Find out more ways to unlock your site’s revenue potential here.>>

Checklist – How to find a profitable product on Amazon

  • Selling between £20 and £200
  • Not too heavy and easy to ship
  • Not more than 150 reviews
  • Products that everybody can use
  • High commission rates

2. Evergreen Products

Evergreen products sell for years, irrespective of trends. It may be best to identify a few evergreen products in your niche and create posts promoting them. These posts could continue earning commissions for you, from the initial effort you put in.

3. Prime Products

Amazon prime bounty screenshot

The ease of purchase and shipping times play a crucial role in influencing purchase decisions. While searching for products to promote, it may be a good idea to look for Prime-eligible products so that Prime users will benefit from their prime subscription and complete the purchase.

4. In-demand Products

An easy way to find products that are in demand is to check reviews. Products that have a large number of reviews (usually 50 or more) are considered good products that are likely to sell more.

Echo dot on amazon shop detail page. Example for how to find products that are in demand by checking reviews.

Apart from checking the number of reviews, focus on the review date. This gives you an idea of a product’s sales frequency and you can determine whether the product is likely to sell now or is no longer in demand.

5. Find Out What Your Competitors are Promoting

Head to your competitor’s affiliate sites to get an idea of the products they’re promoting. For example, let’s say you have a photography blog – check out
other popular photography affiliate sites to get an idea of the content and the products they are promoting.
This can give you an idea of products that you can promote on your site.

6. Search for Long-Tail Keywords to Include in Your Content

Here’s a quick tip: Using the preposition ‘for’ is an easy way to find long-tail keywords in your niche.

Google search suggestion results are displayed. Example for how you can search for long-tail keywords.

This gives you an idea of all the other keywords you can target in your content.

By creating dedicated posts on long-tail keywords such as ‘best camera for video recording,’ ‘best camera to shoot YouTube videos,’ you can pull in targeted traffic and
promote niche products.

7. Use Google Trends

Chart showing a google trends search result.

Google Trends is another great tool to identify products that are popular now. You can use this tool to monitor the search volume of keywords over time.

This gives you a clear idea of the popularity of a particular product and whether it’s likely to sell now or not.

Finding the Right Products Is the Key to Your Success

As an Amazon affiliate, you have access to millions of products in Amazon’s marketplace.
However, your success and earnings as an affiliate are closely linked with the products that you’re promoting.
It all comes down to two things you should do:

1. Use the tips listed here to find products within your niche.

2. Choose products that are likely to appeal to your target audience. This way you’ll sell more and boost your commissions accordingly.