Five Blogging Resources If You Need A Little Motivation

It’s now that time of year when New Year’s resolutions are a distant memory and any blog-related goals may have taken a back seat. The momentum drought is real (especially when the temperature changes) so it’s important to have a bit of a plan in place so that things don’t stop entirely.

Fortunately there are plenty of free resources that are perfect for bloggers, whether you specialise in fashion, food, lifestyle or travel. They’re great for offering a bit of perspective whether you’re comparing yourself to someone else on your feed or struggling to get words on the screen. Remember them if you’re having a bad day and share your own tips when things get better.

A Drink With James

Great for…industry knowledge when you don’t have an agent.

Fancy some advice from one of the world’s top influencer agencies? Each week Fohr Card CEO James Nord shares open and honest insights as part of this video series. Nothing is off limits (he answers questions whilst drinking a shot of whisky) and each episode highlights how blogging has evolved in the US. Although numbers are important, he offers solutions for approaching brands when you have a small following and transitioning to paid work. Occasionally he’ll have special guests sharing their stories, such as Jaycee Duprie of Damsel in Dior plus highlights from their Fohr U influencer evenings.


Great for…celebrating individuality.

Think of this blogging community as the online equivalent of a hot cuppa at the end of the day. Blogtacular started off as a conference, allowing indie businesses and creative individuals to shape an online platform that works for them. Now it spans a podcast, weekly Twitter chat, and private Facebook group, with authenticity at its core. It’s reassuring, with plenty of advice on what to do when you feel demotivated, plus tips on growing a following without resorting to shady practices. The podcast is particularly inspiring, with interviews ranging from Great British Bake Off winner Ed Kimber to ceramic designer Camila Prada. There are many lessons that can apply to blogging and it really helps you think in a broader way.


Great for…understanding the technical side.

If like most bloggers you created your site on a whim and figured everything out along the way, then you may need a crash course when it comes to developments in tech. chloédigital’s blog is a great resource.  Founder Chloé Watts started out as a traditional developer, before realising that some of the world’s top bloggers could do with dedicated technical support. The site provides assistance through a subscription but also shares useful free content and newsletters. Their blog covers all the overwhelming stuff in a non-patronising way, so there are posts on how to get the most out of the Yoast SEO plugin and steps to make your site mobile friendly. It’s a great place to go over the basics of blogging and their Instagram feed has plenty of useful reminders.

Elle & Company

Great for…managing creative entrepreneurship

Graphic designer and business strategist Lauren Hooker is pretty generous with her knowledge. Through Elle & Company, she produces regular newsletters, blog posts, and webinars all to help you turn your passion into a successful business. She’s been through it all and shares tips for getting back on track, managing email, and automating elements of your business. Her particular expertise is visuals, so there are also brand challenges that will make you question whether your typography and colour palette are aligned.

Me & Orla

Great for…mastering Instagram

Fed up with being a guinea pig for this particular social platform? Well Sara Tasker of Me & Orla has taken it upon herself to share her tips on growing and maintaining a following the authentic way. Through her podcast, hashtag newsletters, and monthly Twitter chats, she shares theories and advice that will make you think about the app in a level-headed way. Even though it’s the focal point of her business, her approach also reminds us that it’s important not to rely on any one platform. Her podcast episode on the importance of creating a mailing list illustrates this and she’s built a successful business through mentoring, e-courses, and brand work.

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