Fashion Hub Interview: The Budget Babe Shares her Must-Dos to Grow Your Brand

Fashion Hub Interview: The Budget Babe Shares her Must-Dos to Grow Your Brand

Dianna Baros, the editor-in-chief of The Budget Babe, knows a thing or two about not only starting a blog, but persevering and sticking with it. Now in her 10th year as a business owner and fashion blogger, her budget-focused brand has been featured in People StyleWatch, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and countless online publications. The Budget Babe is one of the top destinations for fashion lovers on any budget.

Hindsight can be a fashion blogger’s best friend. Amazon Fashion Hub reached out to Dianna to find out what she’s gleaned from a decade in the business, and what she thinks is most critical to build and sustain your fashion blog in an increasingly competitive digital world. Thanks, Budget Babe!

1. Pick three to five dream brands you want to work with and make a plan to get there

Early on I was approached by so many brands I found it hard to say “no.” But now (due to time constraints actually! Ha!) I’ve had to really hone my priorities. I can’t answer all my emails, so I just focus on the key brands and companies that I think matter most to my readers. I can’t worry too much about the rest.

2. Establish an editorial calendar

I love the flexibility of blogging about whatever is new and important on any given day. But the really successful bloggers plan out their entire calendar a year in advance. That way they’re able to anticipate their readers’ needs, like shopping for big holidays or annual sales. I usually just use Google Calendar, but if you search Pinterest you can find some great editorial calendar ideas!

3. Crunch the numbers

. You can’t really just post a bunch of pretty things and expect to see big returns.

You’ll need to do the math. What are your business goals? What will it take to get there? A bloggers’ income can vary greatly depending on which campaigns you’re able to land, so make sure you have some surefire revenue streams and a plan to make those areas grow. Google Analytics works great, and I also use my affiliate program statistics. Also, look at AddThis and PubExchange if you are using WordPress plugins.

4. Be prepared to travel and work late hours

Blogging is extremely competitive so the successful bloggers are basically jet-setters who work round the clock. Make sure that’s the pace you want, and if so, go for it!

5. Get an agent or creative agency to represent you

Agents can help your brand grow and take some of the work load off of you so you can focus on the creative aspects. Networking early on will be critical in getting connected to the right agent. Pitch yourself with a media kit and some stats on what value you will bring to the brand. Be professional and specific. (Independent Fashion Bloggers) has lots of tips and recommendations

6. Spend money to make money

You don’t necessarily need to spend a ton of money on a pricey website or even designer clothes, but some strategic advertising and well-allocated marketing/publicity dollars will go a long way.

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