An Eye for Fashion Blog Design

As a fashion blogger, you know a thing or two about personal style. Your blog should be a reflection of that unique style—it’s what sets you apart. If you’re just starting out in the world of blogging or considering a face-lift for your existing site – the overall design and feel of your site is a critical consideration.

Your site not only has to look good but also has to be easy to read and navigate for your audience. For many of us the world of website design is a new skill we must learn. Thankfully, there are some great fashion trailblazers who have incorporated smart design elements to their blogs on top of killer style. Here are some fantastically designed fashion blogs, plus how you can recreate similar aspects for your own site.

Let’s be Friends

Your blog is just one element of your fashion blogging universe. You likely have an Instagram account, Pinterest, Facebook, maybe even a YouTube channel. Make your social channels easy to find on your site. Fashion Blog standout Man Repeller keeps all its social icons at the upper left corner of the site navigation, a common spot our eyes immediately find focus. With a little extra design work, you can find custom social icons that complement the look and feel of your site.

Photography First

Good photography is key to a successful fashion blog, so put it front and center. You’ll have to consider how your navigation and text overlay on each image, but a bold use of color and imagery can really make your blog stand out from the crowd. Work Work Work uses primary post image as the full background when you first land on her homepage. It also keeps the site looking fresh as the site can drastically change from day to day based on the colors used in each photograph. If you’re ready for your blog to be fashion forward (like you!), consider a web design that uses large images in the top third of the page.

Don’t forget Instagram

In 2018, Instagram is just as important, if not more so, than your website. Your Instagram posts should be just as carefully crafted and artistically-minded as all the images within your blog posts, so find creative ways to show them off. 5 Inch and Up has two rows of Instagram shots at the bottom of the site that artistically piece together. This is also an easy way to build Instagram followers from your website audience.

Find Content Flow

Most good design standards apply across many mediums. From newspapers to magazines to websites, you’ll see blocks of content in varying patterns to keep your eyes engaged. Add visual interest by mixing content blocks, text and images to drive your site visitors into deeper pages of your site. The blog Peony Lim has with two columns of balanced images and text, but as you scroll the site moves to three columns followed by two shorter content bars that span the entire width of the site. Muted background changes keep the page from being overwhelming and gives the reader focus around each new topic. Content is also varied between each section, allowing the reader to find the most interesting content to them easily.

Can I Have Your Email?

Building and engaging an email list is often a daunting task for new bloggers. In case it wasn’t enough work to put together outfits, photos and site content on a regular basis – adding an email to the task list can just feel like more work with little reward. But sending out even a weekly email can have a significant impact on your website traffic. But how do you start asking for emails? There are many tools out there that will let you show new visitors a module where they can input their email address.

Or simply adding a widget on the site can be less intrusive and a way to keep an email sign-up always available to your audience. Use this as a space to quickly show your visitors what you’re all about and what you might email them about (updates, a weekly newsletter, etc.). What kind of personality can they expect from you and your email? What will getting emails from you offer them—incentives are fun!
The Mom Edit gives away a $200 gift card each month for joining their email list.

Ad Considerations

If you’re monetizing your site in any way, you should always consider how that will play into your overall site design. If you rely heavily on banner advertising, you’ll need space for ads that is tasteful and doesn’t clutter your own content. If you’re monetizing your site through sponsored content or links deeper within articles, you may not need as much space in the right-rail where ads often live. Freddie Harrel uses a design aesthetic featured just on her blog posts. The site feels clean and makes it easy for the reader to focus on just the content she’s put together. If you’re looking for inspiration from a site with limited ads in the right-rail, check out The Fashion Guitar for a minimalist advertising vibe.

Just like fashion, web design is an art that can draw inspiration from many sources. Finding a great design aesthetic that translates to the web can feel overwhelming, so start by making a list of your favorite bloggers (fashion or otherwise). Pay attention to the things you like about their site. What makes you come back to their site besides the content? And how can you make your blog feel uniquely you? Blogs with great design balance the author’s personality with functional and engaging design elements to create a red-carpet worthy blog.

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