What must be considered in the design choices for your website or blog

What must be considered in the design choices for your website or blog

A blog is not just about content. A suitable layout is just as important in order to succeed. The design of your own blogs or your own website is more important than many newcomers believe.

Why is the design important?

The first impression is very important on the Internet, just like in real life. In a few seconds, sometimes even only in fractions of a second, the visitor chooses whether he stays or leaves.

The first impression of the text plays a subordinate factor. Often the layout and thus the overall effect is much more important for the decision of the visitor. If the first impression is positive and the user has the feeling that the article fits, he stays longer to read the article.

But even after this first contact the layout plays an important role. The usability decides next to the content quality as to whether a reader retain or even comes back to your site.

In addition, the presentation of content is very important. An article can still be as good, if he is simply not legible, this hardly anyone will read to the end. And of course evokes a suitable and well-to-use design also trust among the visitors. So you can not only establish a brand, but concretely increase sales or commissions.


Before there are tips for choosing a suitable layout, here once some possible alternatives, how to find a design for your blog or your website.

layout choices website blogOption 1 is the use of a finished layout. For many content management systems there are free design templates that WordPress eg Are called Themes. These free layouts were created by fans and dedicated users and are available for free. Alternatively, you can even buy ready-made design templates. Professional developers offer this.

The second variant is called “do it yourself”. Who itself is developer and knowledgeable in web design, can also develop a layout itself. Here you do not have to start from scratch, but can, for example, recourse to an existing layout.

Whether new or adapted in this way one obtains a rather unique design, but also makes quite a lot of work.

As a third alternative, you can pay a professional for creating you a customized layout. In this way you can get a truly unique layout that is adapted to their own needs optimally and yet not have to invest a lot of time. There will cost any money.

Which of the 3 alternatives you choose, of course, depends primarily on your own skills and resources. Basically you have to decide whether you want to invest time or money.

Select a suitable layout

Below there are 5 tips on how you can decide on a suitable design. The aim is to select a favorite from free and possibly free-design templates which are available in WordPress in large numbers.

1. On the subject of match

An important selection criterion is that the layout of the theme of the website or the blog should fit. This applies to the general design, but also for colors, fonts, and individual elements.

So it probably doesn’t make sense to have a garden blog with a stylish gray layout equip. On the other hand rainbow colors and fancy fonts on a blog about legal issues will affect not good.

Therefore, one should not be blinded by graphical gimmicks, but think carefully about which layout would suit the content.

2. Technically perfect

The selected layout template should have no technical defects. This applies for example to the HTML and CSS code. However, the loading times play an important role. Google attaches this with an increasingly important significance and also the users leave a site quickly if these invites to long.

Recommended generally prefer a simpler layout template to take. Additional functions can be equipped later still. But if too much ballast innately case, it is difficult to remove these.

3. Usability

In addition to the visual impression plays the usability an important role and influences number of users as well as revenues.

  • How easy is the navigation to use?
  • He quickly finds the search box? The user knows exactly where he is?
  • How easily he finds important content?
  • Are there too many or too few choices?
  • Are there any confusing elements?
  • etc.

In addition, the presentation of content plays an important role in the usability. In general you should keep it simple and clear. Web design experiments may look nice, but scare away many users.

design choices website blog technically4. Unique

A good and suitable layout does not help much when there are many other websites also containing the same layout. In this way, you can not reach a recognition effect as also build any brand.

Just paid layout templates often bring with extensive customization options, allowing lay people to implement a unique layout. In addition, these are generally not as often used as many free layouts.

5. Money possibilities

Who wants to earn his website or his blog money, should make sure that the layout doesn’t makes it difficult to earn money.

So for example, should the Sidebar be wide enough to integrate banners there. It is often good if there is enough space for a banner in the header. Widgets should be well supported.

In addition, the content area should be quickly visible, which is not only better for a user experience, but for example, also allows for better presentation of affiliate links.

The following error should be avoided

In particular, if you use a free layout template, you should be careful and avoid some mistakes. So you should check carefully that no spam links contained or worse. This not only leads to trouble with visitors, but usually attracts a punishment by Google for itself.

Likewise, the layout should not be out of date, as it may then not support new features of CMS.

Inappropriately it should not be just because you would then have difficulties to achieve trust in and build revenue. Not least, should not be lost in the crowd, because it uses a layout that also use hundreds of other website owners you.

Easy start

To start the layout has not to be perfect. Better get started with a simple layout and optimize the design gradually. Who am i “perfect” Layout tinkering too long, wasted valuable time.

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