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Your Daily Checklist For Success As An Amazon Associate

Martin Trauzold
Martin Trauzold
Last updated November 19, 2018 6 Min Read
Your Daily Checklist For Success As An Amazon Associate

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There are many positive aspects of being a content creator, but the job is not one without challenges. One major one: you’re never really caught up.

The vast variety of online channels and media formats means there are limitless opportunities to publish, not to mention that the internet is an always-on place of unending conversation.

And then, of course, you have all the strategic, logistical, and administrative responsibilities of running a business… there’s a lot to do! The key to staving off the feeling of being overwhelmed is to set goals (and boundaries), and create processes and routines that streamline your to-dos.

That includes your affiliate-marketing efforts.To maximise your earnings, there are a handful of metrics and measures you should be checking on a daily basis. This doesn’t have to be a huge undertaking, and much of it is stuff you’d look through anyway, just perhaps not in a systematic way. It’s all about streamlining!

Below is a daily to-do list of places and stats to check that will help you stay on top of your affiliate marketing. By implementing this routine, or a modified version to fit your needs, you can efficiently monitor and measure your affiliate efforts, and rid yourself of that nagging feeling that you could be earning more if only you were more organised.

At A Glance: Your Daily Checklist

  • Website Metrics – is your site running smoothly?
  • Social-media Stats – how is your level of engagement?
  • Social-media Conversations – are you answering customer queries?
  • Reports In Associates Central – what’s making money?
  • Promotions And Product Trends – are there any opportunities you can share with your community?

Website Metrics

It’s a good idea to start by checking your own site’s status. You want to ensure everything is up and running smoothly, and if not, troubleshoot any major issues.

Web services can be finicky, and if pages are failing to load, ads are failing to display, links are suddenly broken, etc, this can have a big impact on your earnings. Beyond issues, you should also be looking for opportunities. Maybe a recent post is unexpectedly taking off – give it a quick review to be sure you’ve taken advantage of all-natural linking opportunities.

Maybe you got a mention elsewhere on the web and it’s driving lots of traffic to your homepage? It’s time to reconfirm your ad choices and placements. Before you dive in and get lost in a big project, just pause to take notes for revisiting later.

You’ll want to run through your whole checklist first, then decide on your plan of attack. We’ve created another checklist-style guide for monitoring daily website metrics that would be perfect for this step in the process – check it out here.

Social-media Stats

You’re looking for both problems and opportunities here, too. Are you seeing good engagement on certain posts – particularly ones with affiliate elements or links to your site – that you should consider boosting with paid promotion?

On the contrary, was something you shared more controversial than you expected, and now requires some damage control? You don’t want any brand boycotts on your hands – here’s our guide to dealing with online criticism. Check in on what’s happening and take note of what needs quick action.

Social-media Conversations

While you’re looking through your social stats, take a peek through your comments and direct messages. It’s always important to stay engaged with your community, but for affiliate-marketing purposes, you specifically want to be sure you’re answering related questions and fielding requests.

For example, your followers may be looking for more details on a promotion you recently shared. Or perhaps they want your input on products you’d recommend for a certain concern or occasion… Whatever it is, be there and be of service!

Reporting In Associates Central

Of course, you’ll want to check in on your actual affiliate earnings! The reporting features in Associates Central make it easy to quickly assess which products and promotions are generating the most income. Check out this article for useful reporting tips.

By checking your reports regularly, you can also glean insight into individual factors that affect performance, such as publish time and post format. With this knowledge, you can tweak your plan to do more of what’s working and cut out what’s not.

Promotions And Product Trends

You’re already sharing the products you personally know and love with your audience, and you should absolutely keep up those efforts. However, there are other great shopping opportunities to share with your community you could be overlooking. You’ll find them in the Promotions tab in Associates Central.

In this section, there are deals and discounts, hot items and bestsellers, promo codes and interesting programs, and more. These are valuable (and timely) offers to share with your audience in addition to your product recommendations. Jot down what’s new and fun, so you can work it into your day’s promotion plan.

That’s it! You’ve checked in on all the important pieces for maintaining an optimised affiliate-marketing strategy. Gather what you’ve learned and make your plan for the day – and rest assured that you’re fully seizing all your affiliate opportunities.