Part 20: Checks Before Your Website Goes Live

At this stage your website is ready to go online and should be ready for its first visitors. There are a number of checks that I go through to make sure everything is functioning properly before releasing it to the search engines.

Proofread Your Content

By now you should have all of your pages up and also 10 posts sorted into a few categories. This is an ideal time to read over those once again and simply check for basic spelling mistakes.

I know you may have already done that but in my experience, you will still find some silly mistakes, or a few sentences that don’t quite make sense. Simply edit those and fix them up so it is as good as it can be.

Checklist for Pages and Posts

  • Is the spelling ok?
  • Is the grammar ok?
  • Do your sentences all make sense?
  • Do you have images on posts and pages where necessary?
  • Have your images both both title and alt tags on them?
  • Have you used H2 & H3 headings where appropriate
  • Have you included video where appropriate?
  • Have you included internal links?
  • Have you included external links?
  • Are your posts in the right category?
  • Have you used tags for your posts content?
  • Have you filled in the SEO title and descriptions for each article?

Other Checks

  • Have you created your menus?
  • If you have a header does it look great?
  • The same applies to the logo and favicon
  • Have you checked that all of your links work?
  • If you have a sidebar does it have the right widgets in there?
  • Is your navigation in place and working properly?
  • Have you used images that you own or have the right to use?
  • Are the font styles consistent across your website?
  • Are the colours consistent across your website?

Publishing Your Website

When you have your pages written and 10 articles written and have published them to your website, now is finally the time to make your website go live. This is the moment that I enjoy best as finally my work will be published and the search engines can find it.

To do that go to the left hand column, click on Settings>Reading. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and untick the “Discourage search engines from indexing this site” box and SAVE the changes.

Congratulations as your website is now live on the Internet

Just remember the purpose of doing this is to make your website be the best that it can be. You will of course have to go back to many of these articles and add some more links, perhaps even a little extra content, as you add more articles to your site.

For now though you simply want it to be as good as it can be and get it live on the Internet.

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