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Changing the Primary User

Martin Trauzold
Martin Trauzold
Last updated November 6, 2017 3 Min Read
Changing the Primary User

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To change the primary e-mail address you use to access your Associates account, you’ll first add the new address as an account user and then delete the old address from your account using the following steps (you must be the primary account holder to complete these steps):

  1. To add your new e-mail address as a new user, log in to Associates Central with your current e-mail address and the associated password combination.
  2. Select Account Settings in the upper right-hand corner of the main page and choose “Manage account users” and select primary e-mail address.
  3. Enter your new e-mail address in the first entry field and click Send Invitation. You’ll receive an e-mail invitation to become an Associates account user at the new e-mail address. Make sure to LOG OUT of Associates Central.
  4. Click the URL in the e-mail invitation and enter the new e-mail address. If you already have an Amazon account for this new e-mail address, you can enter your existing password. Otherwise, choose to create a new password for that address. Log into Amazon with the link provided in the e-mail you received. You’ll receive an invitation code. Once you receive this invitation code for the invited e-mail address, log out of Amazon.
  5. Return to Associates Central and log in with your old e-mail address and the associated password combination.
  6. Select Account Settings and go to the “Manage account users” page again. You should now see your new e-mail address under Invited Users.
  7. Choose Confirm for that address and click Save Changes. You will now be able to access the features of your account with your new address, with the exception of your payment information. E-mail notifications will still be sent to your old e-mail address, unless you designate this new address as the primary account holder.
  8. To make your new e-mail address the primary address for your account, scroll down to the Current Users box and change the Primary E-mail Address drop-down to display your new e-mail address and click Save Changes. Your new address will now be the primary contact for your Associates account.

To remove your old e-mail address, log in to Associates Central using your new e-mail address and password. Select Account Settings under your email address and go to the “Manage account users” page. Check Delete next to your old address and click Save Changes.