Keeping a good reputation despite monetisation

At the beginning, the internet was an “advert free” paradise for everyone and even today many sites are built only for the reason to give information for free. Therefore, many Internet users are very critical regarding the monetisation of websites especially if you overdo it with affiliate links, banners etc.
Use of Geo-Targeting

For most sites, visitors do not only come from a single country. When you check your website statistics you will find that you will attract visitors from other countries. So for example a website built to attract mainly UK visitors could also get visitors from Europe and even the USA and Canada.
Absolute Beginners: Quick Wins With SEO

Search-engine optimisation (SEO) has some negative connotations and is a complex area to fully understand. However, since most of your visitors search using the Google search engine, you need to ensure your website has every chance of ranking highly in its search results – having good content is a great help, but is not enough