Part 01: Create A Website – A Beginner’s Guide

Join successful Amazon Associate blogger and self-confessed coffee addict Enda McLarnon of for a step-by-step guide to creating, publishing and running a blog.

Part 02: What is a blog and what does a blogger do?

To build a great Amazon Affiliate website, it helps to understand some of the terminology associated with the web, beginning with the distinction between a ‘blog’ and a ‘website’.

Part 03: Why Start Blogging

Enda McLarnon’s Beginner’s Guide To Blogging continues…

Part 04: How To Earn Money As A Blogger

Enda McLarnon’s Beginner’s Guide explains monetisation of a site…

Part 05: Skills a Blogger Should Have

Successful blogger Enda McLarnon discusses key blogging skills…

Part 06: Finding A Topic For Your Blog

Enda McLarnon’s Beginner’s Guide tackles how to choose a blog topic

Part 07: How to Find Articles for My Blog Topic

Enda McLarnon’s Guide continues with an explanation of how to choose article topics

Part 08: Where Can I Get Pictures & Videos For My Blog?

Enda McLarnon offers advice on sourcing illustrations and other media

Part 09: Buying And Setting Up Hosting

Enda McLarnon demystifies the intimidating world of hosting a site

Part 10: Choose And Register The Right Domain

Find out how to choose the right domain for you with Enda McLarnon’s Beginner’s Guide

Part 11: Guide To WordPress And The Installation Process

Enda McLarnon shows you how the first steps to installing WordPress

Part 12: Basic WordPress Setup

Once you’ve installed WordPress, it’s time to create your site, with Enda McLarnon’s Beginner’s Guide

Part 13: Installing Themes And Plug-ins

Enda McLarnon’s Beginner’s Guide moves on to how to customise WordPress

Part 14: Understanding Website Structure

Enda McLarnon explains the different areas of a website in his Beginner’s Guide

Part 15: Content Plans And Quality Articles

Enda McLarnon describes how to write your way to success in his Beginner’s Guide

Part 16: Content Plan – Adding Posts & Pages

We now come to the most important part of the entire website building process. This is where you add your content and start to make your website useful for visitors. Everything we have done so far is to set up your website to make everything look professional.

Part 17: Content Plan – Adding Images, Videos, Widgets and Links

At this stage you should have published your pages, 10 posts and added your menus to your website. You now want to do a number of other tasks that help improve the quality of your content, and also help with the navigation on your website.

Part 18: SEO Optimisation

You should by now have your website at the stage where some unique content has been added to it. As soon as we finish doing some SEO with the website, we will be able to publish it and make it go live.

Part 19: Typical Failures before Starting a Website

At this stage of my case study, your website should be very close to launching on to the Internet. However, before doing that I wanted to point out the reasons that many website/blogs fail to make any money. That way you should be able to avoid those pit falls.

Part 20: Checks Before Your Website Goes Live

At this stage your website is ready to go online and should be ready for its first visitors. There are a number of checks that I go through to make sure everything is functioning properly before releasing it to the search engines.

Part 21: Setting up Google Analytics & Google Search Console

Now that you have launched your website you need to be able to do some analysis on it and also measure its performance as you start to build it out. A great way of doing this is to add some basic code to your website.

Part 22: Applying to become an Amazon Affiliate

Never apply to become an Amazon Affiliate until you have published your website and have at least 10-15 unique and good quality articles on it. The Affiliate program is free to join but they do have an approval process.

Part 23: How to Add Amazon Affiliate Links

In this article I will cover how to add an Amazon Affiliate link to your website. These are often referred to as the “money links” simply because if a visitor clicks on one of your “special links” and makes a purchase at Amazon, then you will get paid a commission.

Part 24: Getting Your First Visitors

How do you get people to come and visit your website? Without visitors no-one will ever get to read your work and you will not make sales. Understanding traffic is therefore very important to understand.