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Amazon Influencers Guide to Black Friday

Martin Trauzold
Martin Trauzold
Last updated November 25, 20192 Min Read

During Black Friday weekend you might earn as much – or more – than you earned throughout the rest of the year with your Amazon Influencer Page.

The great thing about promoting your favourite products during holiday season is that there are so many natural opportunities to link up your recommendations, that feel (and are!) completely authentic.

To help you get prepped ahead of Black Friday and Cyber Week we have shared some key ideas for content and some tips on how to share with your audience.

Influencer Page Content Ideas:

  • What is on your Black Friday wishlist
  • Your favourite products from 2020 – you can pull the products on deal to the top of the list or add a comment to them
  • The best beauty/home/tech deals you’ve discovered on the day
  • Your shopping gift guide ahead of Christmas (give followers a peek behind the curtain and explain your process for curating the guide, including why you chose specific products).

How to use your Influencer Page for Black Friday:

  1. Get Ready: Make sure to double check all your storefront links, do hashtag and trend research, prep your storefront with holiday gift and shopping guides. Pick your spotlight products, research and write as many posts as you can in advance.
  2. Build Up: Leading up to Black Friday weekend, experiential endorsements and writing about products you know and love establishes you as a trusted resource for providing your followers with valuable, informative content to make confident shopping decisions. Post your features in the days leading up to Black Friday weekend to build up audience anticipation.
  3. Engage Live: On Black Friday and Cyber Monday plan to engage with your audience in real time to share selections of your favourite deals as they go live.
  4. Be Consistent: By consistently linking back to your Influencer Page you will encourage your audience to go back and shop your recommendations in the future without prompting. Additionally, it means we do all the hard work creating the affiliate tracking for you.