5 reasons to start your own blog

5 reasons to start your own blog

In times like these, where Facebook and Twitter have practically monopolised on self-expression and social networking; publishing text, images and videos on the internet has now become so easy and standardised, that many wonder if there is still a point to keeping your own blog.

Why should you go through all this trouble of building a blog, creating content and driving traffic?

The following article will present 5 reasons why you should still start your own blog.

5 reasons to start your own blog

These 5 reasons are of course not the only reasons to keep a blog, but definitely the most talked about. In additional, many blogs are started for more than one reason, which is a positive sign in terms of longterm motivation.

1. For the sake of writing

On your own blog, you can indulge your passion for writing, and do so undisturbed and regardless of guidelines and character limitations.

Additionally, composing blog entries on a regular basis will quickly hone your writing skills. This will not only make blog writing easier, but also be of use to you beyond the compounds of your website.

People also often forget that writing a blog means building an extensive archive of articles that can later become useful in a variety of ways.

2. Networking

With a blog, you can build your own community. A community that will read your articles, leave comments and beat the drum for you!

This often leads to making acquaintance with interesting and useful people, that can be helpful with and beyond creation and extension of your blog.

The exchange with your readers and other bloggers will not only serve as a source of motivation, but also provide knowledge and new ideas.

3. Know-How

While starting a blog is no longer all that difficult, it still means that you will have to dabble in new things, such as HTML. A pleasant side effect is that you will acquire a lot of technical know-how.

But it won’t stop there, blogging will give you an opportunity to become versed in matters of organisation, content creation, community management, marketing and many other subjects.

Moreover, absorbing yourself in your blog topic you will over time inevitably become an expert, which can be useful online as well as offline.

4. Making money

We all have bills to pay, even bloggers. And nowadays, its not unusual anymore that bloggers can not only manage to cover their costs, but even make a good deal extra on the side. Some can even live off blogging entirely.

While it’s sometimes not easy to make good money with blogging, the bloggers with perseverance and knowledge of the marketing side of the business have a good chance to succeed.

Seen from a business point of view, a blog can even be of indirect use to you. Namely to support your freelance career or to establish contact with companies, which might then for example offer you products for testing.

5. Fun

For most bloggers fun is the first and foremost reason to start a blog. Writing about a topic that is close to heart is an absolute joy, as much as the exchange with your readers and receiving feedback.

The cooperation with other bloggers, as well as the marketing of your topics and the building and expanding of your blog can also be a lot of fun.

A blog will definitely require endurance, because keeping it going won’t always be easy, nor will it always be a positive experience. Without enjoying blogging itself, most bloggers would have quit long ago.

Other things in favour of having your own blog

In addition to these perfectly tangible reasons to start a blog, there are always more ways to make your own blog interesting, especially in comparison to the common social media platforms or other types of websites.

With a blog you create something of your own. You will own its content, which is only true to some extent when you publish on a social network.

Furthermore, a blog barely creates any costs. Content management systems, layouts, plugins and more can be installed for free and even for the hosting there are free or at least very cheap solutions available.

Good content will always be important. If you manage to build yourself a high-quality blog worth reading, you are guaranteed to attract a large and interested readership.

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